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Sunday, July 19, 2015

NAACP is the American Taliban? Without religion though!

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Next, appease NAACP?
Take the icons and other memorabilia down is now a drumbeat of the black activist race hustlers.  After their "victory" of demonizing the Confederate battle flag and seeing scared white people scrambling to remove it from view, these NAACP types think they are on a roll and I don't mean an egg roll.  We really have to stop this or America will have no history before the murdering scum who killed nine peaceful Christians in South Carolina.  Isn't it important to remember?  I say yes.  Some things are very unpleasant to remember but we still must not stoop to history cancellation for PC purposes.  Here is the link to the article.  Following the link is my scribblings on the FB page.

"I am truly sorry that the ancestors of blacks in America were kidnapped by other black tribes and sold to people traversing the Atlantic. It breaks my heart that your own people would steal you away from your homes and sell you to others for a profit way way back. If you want to be forever angry you can stay that way I guess. Or you can forgive those people from hundreds of years ago, especially your own race in Africa. You can maybe thank all those men who died fighting for the Union Army in our Civil War and Abraham Lincoln for righting the wrong of slavery here. Or you can return to the country of your ancestors origin. No one in America of any race or color is forbidden to return to the country of their ancestors origin. Last, if you want to forgive, and move ahead in the country that afford all the greatest opportunity to have a great life through hard work and honesty, then start having meeting promoting those values. But we are not taking anything down in our country from a mountain or a city square. That kind of behavior was done by Romans, Russians and the Taliban, now ISIL. We are not going to copy insanity.


  1. And this California Dem tried to kill free speech and stop a fellow Assemblyman from talking! Where is the bloated "middle of the road" FUE at on this? No way the FUW covers this!

    Assemblyman Roger Hernández ordered sergeants to remove the microphone of the top Republican on the Assembly labor panel Wednesday, prompting the Assembly GOP to accuse Hernández of “bullying tactics” and forcing Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, to get involved.

    Atkins met with Hernández, D-Baldwin Park, Assemblyman Matthew Harper, R-Huntington Beach, and Assembly GOP leaders on Thursday. Hernández “acknowledged his oversight to Mr. Harper and expressed regret,” Atkins spokesman John Casey said in an e-mail.

    “The Speaker believes that all members of the Assembly have the right to ask questions and voice their opinions on legislative matters while in committee and on the floor,” Casey said. “The Speaker doesn’t expect any similar incidents to occur going forward.”

    Wednesday’s dust-up in the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee came during consideration of a bill that would increase California’s minimum wage and tie it to inflation.

    Following lengthy testimony from supporters and opponents of Senate Bill 3, Hernández called for a vote, ignoring Harper’s request to speak. Assemblyman Hernández orders removal of Republican colleague’s microphone.

    Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, D-Baldwin Hills, would not let Assemblyman Matthew Harper speak. Hernández told sergeants to remove Harper’s microphone. Video courtesy of The California Channel.

    “Mr. Chairman, the cutoff on debate is completely embarrassing,” Harper said after the vote. “You’re out of order, you’re out of order, you’re out of order,” Hernández replied. “Turn his mike off.” “You can’t be yelling in this committee like that,” Hernández said.

    “No, you cut me off,” Harper answered, leading Hernández to reach two seats over and turn off Harper’s microphone. He asked sergeants to remove Harper’s microphone. After a sergeant seemed to signal his colleague to hold off, Hernández said, “I’m running the meeting, not the sergeant.” A sergeant then detached the microphone.

    The Assembly Republican Caucus criticized Hernández’s “spastic behavior” in a statement late Wednesday. “Blocking discussion in this manner is unfair, undemocratic and soils the decorum of the Assembly,” Harper said in the Assembly GOP statement. “I was sent here to represent the concerns of the voters of my district and chairman Hernández shut down my ability to speak for who I represent.”

    Read more here:

    1. All this is not surprising to me. The left does all it can to mute the opposition. Look at their PC on college campii as a good example. That is why they make efficient dictators.

  2. Great example of how dictators operate. Remember the woman Democrat rep some years back who voted for what her constituents wanted instead of what her Democrat party wanted? They kicked her out of the Capital to an office across the street. BMW

    1. These things only prove there is a number of people in America with no desire to be Americans. They always want to be apart.

    2. If they aren't Americans then go back to your homes, and this isnt contraversal.

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