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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

American Exceptionalism, it exists, embrace it!

This mornings Union had a opinion piece decrying those that think America should not claim any "exceptional" position in the world.  HERE is the opinion.  I could not disagree more.  So I responded to the article on the Facebook connection of the paper.  Here is what I said.

"Thank you for your service but I have to disagree with your views in this piece. What you fail to discuss is why America is such a magnet and exceptional country. Why do people risk life and limb to come here? Are they stupid or do they all think we are an exceptional country? Of course America is exceptional. I do not see people rushing to enter Russia or North Korea or Norway. Our foreign policy over the years was one of containment of communism. Before that it was fascism and before that we were isolationist. If we don't project our exceptionalism to other countries and people around the planet we allow the really bad guys to win. Soon those bad guys will be at our borders and soon inside. So America had to meet those bad guys in other places and keep them from affecting us in our own lands. That was the reason Vietnam was started (but not ended unfortunately). If we did not have an "exceptional" country to fight for around the planet, what language do you think you would be speaking today? Love of America and its exceptionalsm is a good thing. Jump on board we need you."

I will not apologize to anyone or any country when it comes to the last best hope for mankind. AMERICA!

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