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Friday, February 27, 2015

Homeland Security Debates show how democrats are vacant in their heads

I have been watching and listening to CSPAN today in regards to all this political mumbo-jumbo on Homeland Security funding.  It is the last piece of the budget which ends in September.  I think it is great theater!  If anyone wants to see the difference between a Republican and a democrat, this is the place!

What a hoot!  If you believe what the democrats are saying then the world will come to an end tomorrow and we will be overrun by bad people who will kill us all (and all those grants will dry-up).  Now remember these are the same people that are refusing to vote for the bill as it contains a "defunding" of the provisions that pay for the unconstitutional actions of Obama's Executive Order on Immigration/Amnesty.  All they had to to do was vote for the US Senate bill and since it mirrored the House bill, it would have gone to Obama's desk for signature.  Then if Obama vetoed it, Homeland Security would go back to the drawing board.  Well, not one democrat would bail on his/her pals of the left and since 60 votes are required to bring an end to debater in the Senate, the measure was unable to even be voted on.  That is all on the democrats.

Well, today the Senate Republicans took out the provision on Immigration to get things moving and the vote made it. Of course how these wonders of smart on the democrat side have been able to convince themselves that "illegal" immigrants are not a concern for Homeland Security tells me how corrupt they are and their lamestream media lackeys are as well.  Anyway, I have tried to figure out how this passage in the Senate benefits the Republican position to defund Obama's illegal EO.  I think I may see it now.  Since the House bill still contains the provisions to strip Obama's money for his illegal acts, the bills must go to the "conference committee".  This is where both houses work out the differences and then take the bill back to their respective houses.  Since it is a conference bill, I think the US Senate needs only 51 votes for passage.  If so, then the democrats may have outsmarted themselves and Mitch and the R Gang have a victory!

But the whole thing is so complex I could be totally wrong so I am not holding my breath.  I listened to the democrats on the House floor excoriating the conference discussion and it appeared to me they are aware somethings up.  They are trying to get the House to vote for a "clean" bill sent over by the US Senate.  That has to mean they know they have been had.  Then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer make their nasty ass claims about how rotten those wascally Republicans are and that kind of convinced me I may be on to something.

So even though all the people working for Homeland Security will be deemed "essential" and unable to stay home and watch Jerry Springer, even though they will all be paid and they will all get a gold star on their records, the democrats squeal loudly the world will come to an end.  So, maybe old Mitch and the R Gang have figured out how to govern?  I hope so.  The only person so far who is showing us his leadership and smarts is that Federal Judge from Texas.


  1. who is Jerry Spronger? never heard of her. don't forget it was Georgie Bush II who created the office of homeland security.

    But the whole thing is so complex I could be totally wrong so I am not holding my breath -- good thing because you are totally wrong.

    the more illegals there are the cheaper labor will be..

  2. Thanks for the spell check. Tell me where all this is going then if I have it wrong. What does George Bush have to do with what is happening today with DHS?

  3. If there wasn't a dept. of "homeland security" (which sounds more like something from the soviet union or china) there wouldn't be any problems would there. If you want to talk about too much government, DHS is it.

  4. No disagreement here either, but what would you suggest we do to deal with terrorism and the fact that a large group has sworn to fly their flag over our Capitol?

    1. since you are not going to go kill them, who is going to go fight and die for your beliefs, your grandson?

  5. No disagreement there! The best defense is a good offense.

  6. yessir, the Bush Doctrine was strong and he new Putin, so why is Obama unable to step up


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