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Friday, March 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton a Excellent democrat example! UPDATED March 10, 2015

I am so sick and tired of this Hillary Clinton crapola I can hardly stand it.  Since she was fired for cause from the Watergate hearings in the 70's to today's yapping about her private emails (actually public) she has in my view worn out her welcome on the American political stage.

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Hillary Clinton
It is not healthy for the American political scene to have charlatans like Hillary and her husband William Jefferson running anything.  Come on, can't the democrats come up with anyone of good character?  To place a Clinton in a position of trust is truly fascinating to me.  If the democrats want to have any credibility they must dump these kinds of people and start espousing some ethics.

Ever since Hillary sat down with Bill and was interviewed about the women who claimed Bill was a pig with them she has been a cartoon and not believable.  He gets elected after Ross Perot took a substantial percentage of votes both times and she was "First Lady" all that time.  Then she tried to shove socialist health care down our throats and was rebuffed by the people.  She was out and about trying to sell the healthcare and left her hubby alone in the Oval Office with a 22 year old babe, Monica Lewinsky, giving the Prez a BJ whenever he needed one.

During the impeachment of her Hubby for lying to a Grand Jury, she defended him and a lackey "press" did her bidding to blame the victims of his sexual peccadillo's.  Where were those "feminists" that are outraged and who call all males "rapists"?  They were nowhere to be found and of course Hillary was portrayed as a victim of her husband!  Amazing!  The women he abused were sluts his lackey's said.  Drag a hundred dollar bill through the trailer park and you see what happens.  Not my hubbies fault she says.

Then we had the cattle futures scheme where she turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 within a year!  The Whitewater land development scam and the Rose Law Firm records.  My goodness is this the best person the democrats can offer the people?  Now we have  the latest updates on the Benghazi murder of our Ambassador and three brave men trying to save him.  This woman with "what does it matter" spewing from her mouth at the Congressional Inquiry has to make one wonder about the credibility of her and her party.  The fact that she had a personal "server" and email located in her house must make honest people in our government queasy.  I mean how can they follow orders from someone without ethics and social morality?

Could our military be convinced to follow the orders of such a charlatan?  Hell, when she and Bill left the Whitehouse in January 2001 they stripped the place of silverware and plates!  The fact that she and Bill have been receiving money for their "non-profit" from countries like Algeria must give a person pause too.  How can they be accepting foreign money from hostile nations and then allowed to run our country?  When they and Al Gore were running for re-election in 1996 they took money from Buddhist nuns who swore a vow of poverty!  What?  Charlie Tree, all the scandals that were pooh-poohed by the press have added up to many reasons to reject Hillary.

We need someone younger and more hip.  The old style lefty democrat shysters are no longer welcome in political life.  They can be running a city like New York but not the country.  America needs decent people.  They don';t have to be perfect, no one is, but we have to reject ethically and morally challenged people like Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton.  Let them retire to private life and enjoyed the millions they made from being famous politicians once in America.

UPDATE March 10, 2015

I watched and listened to Hillary Clinton's "press conference" at the UN Building starting at noon today.  It was a crock of lies and obfuscations.

She gave away her true self through her face and facial expressions.  She is simply transparent in her face and the lies were flowing.  I especially liked her statements regarding she decided which emails to keep and which to delete.  Now why would she delete emails, even those she claimed were personal if they were on the server all this time?

Your claim of convenience of one "devise" was hooey.  You can have as many email address on one device as you want.  We are not stupid for goodness sakes.  So right out of the chute you were lying.

She stated the server is private.  Well, sorry Hillary, you made it a public server when you kept my government emails on it.  So pony up.  Let third party inspectors decide.  Also, they need the emails on the flash drives we know you must have kept.

She said all this was done through her "counsel".  Well sure, we know you did that so you would have a attorney client privilege right?  Sneaky again.

You must know that government records are not yours since the very fact we have laws of their disclosure were created because we don't trust government people to be truthful.  Nothing personal Hillary, we have disclosure and protection of records even down to dog catcher in America.

Oh, and it was so sweet that you had a little statement about women's rights at the beginning of your contrived press conference.  You do those things to district from the true reason of the PC.  We know well.  And the lamestream media falls for it every time.

Then the contrived press questions which always contain numerous questions so as to confuse.  It works too.  My goodness you are good.

Lastly from my perspective watching and listening to your "explanations".  You are not the Queen, you are our servant.  I want to see all the emails on the server.  I want full access to the server.  I want to be assured you were never hacked and secret American info was not compromised.  You have to do this.  No more BS, just turn it all in and allow third party people full and unfettered access.  Nothing less.


  1. The Lib's and Sierra Foothill Report won't cover this as they only like to rant against R's. Will they cover the corruption charges against Democrat, New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts?

    I also bet they won't cover or start protests over the two black males that just gunned down the heroic (black) Police Officer in Philadelphia:

    1. I am saddened by the police officers murder by those two animals in Philadelphia. Eric Holder needs to get over there and do what's right for the officer and his family.

      Regarding Menendez. I would guess he actually was banging under age girls in the Dominican Republic. You can only get away with lies for a while, except if you are a Clinton.

  2. Hillary now has a real problem on her hands with the secret, off the books email and her home server. She clearly violated the law about this, a law put in place by the President. Will Eric Holder dig in? This is an opportunity for the far left to beat up on Hillary as they try to get Warren in the game. Hillary can try to ignore this, but it is going to bite her and dog her into the future. The Clinton's are corrupt and they lie, as shown by history so many times.

    1. I heard Al Gore is headed to Iowa. My goodness, we may be doomed!

  3. Hillary has a big problem:

  4. Todd I have to disagree with your last line. I hope that the hard left will do what no one has been able to so far. Lance the corrupt criminal cyst that is the clinton machine. Emails, muslim brotherhood, millions from who know what laundered in the 'foundation' aka jenko olive oil. lol Jail time baby!

  5. After reading large number of Jeff Pelline's nasty rants on Sierra Foothill Report about the State of Jefferson folks I must say that Pelline is a hateful person. He sure likes to name call and insult and then cry and stomp his feet if anyone dares say a word about him. If you have an opinion or thought that does not match his dictates he attacks and name calls in a nasty manner.

    As Barry Prutte posted on Pelline's blog about this issue ... "I find it disturbing that a man whose profession relies on free speech is such an ardent proponent of censorship". Barry is correct.

    Spot on, Pelline acts like a dictator, just another reason he has no real friends in the community he moved to and seems to hate and bash endlessly. I feel sorry for his family and his dog.

    1. I think his only friend may be his dog! LOL!

      Interestingly though when confronted with his attack on free speech, Pelline says it is not about that but "time Management"! If ever a crock was stirred for ridiculousness, his explanation is it. But people that deal in words always figure a way out of a lie with some cute "other" words. Clinton and "is" have nothing n Pelline.

  6. Good old Jim Firth is working to get the Dem's fired up!

    From: James Firth
    To: James Firth
    Subject: URGENT - send your note today

    Hi all,

    There's been several notices in The Union newspaper and area blogs regarding the State of Jefferson advocates presenting their proposal to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. It is imperative that everyone send a letter or email to their area Supervisor right now about Nevada County remaining part of California. I'm copying below a letter sent to Supervisor Beason. Please feel free to use this as an example of your letter. Don't wait to send your letter.

    Thanks, Jim

    Mr. Beason,

    As one of your constituents, and neighbors, I'd like you to know that I consider the withdrawal of Nevada Co. and others from the State of California to be profoundly unwise. When the matter comes to the Board, I urge you NOT to support any resolution for withdrawal from California. I moved to California in 1985, and bought a house in Nevada City in 1988. It was not an accident. I want to live in California! I like living in California.

    I could go on and on about not leaving all the benefits of this wonderful state, of the economic power of the entire rest of the state, that wars are fought over the acquisition of resources, not usually to flee from them, etc. but the bottom line would be the same. I want my home to be in California.

  7. I bet you that Pelline won't be publishing that.

    1. Firth is a democrat and they are in charge in Sac. Seems like a natural for him to do this. Can't give up any power you know.

  8. Did I tell everyone that I had a double order of chicken wings last night?

  9. Did you all hear that I have a flag up? I'm totally cool! LOL!

    1. The California Republic Flag? If so, do you think Frisch would have demanded a economic study before admittance to the Union? LOL!

    2. Was an economic study done for Obama Care before it was put in place? Didn't Obama say... I promise, you will be able to keep you current doctors and it's going to cost a lot less that your current coverage... oh never mind, we all know how this went.

  10. Today, I ate everything in sight, and then bitched about people who feel like they are not represented in Sacramento. I hate people who want freedom and like to freely express their opinion. No one should be able to express their opinion but me. Me, Me, Me, Me, Me. I know what is best for everyone. You podunk good old boys are stupid and have stupid opinions. Just try to post your opinion on my blog and I will tell you how stupid you are. Because "I am the most despised man in Nevada County". If you say anything mean about me I will whine like a little baby and threaten to sue you. Go ahead, say that I got fired from The Union for being a nasty little punk and see what happens! LOL!

  11. Great, at long last Sierra Foothills Report covered this one, but only after being scooped here and only after George Boardman covered it in his Union newspaper column Monday. So instead of addressing the big lie by the Nevada County Democrats in their newsletter, Sierra Foothills Report attacks those daring to raise and comment on the truth and the clearly deceitful attempt by the of the NC Dem's. The facts and the truth matter. George Boardman provided facts, but to some facts don't seem matter. Here's a repost of the scoop, first covered here on Sierra Dragon's Breath:

    The Nevada County Dem's can't say the truth while seeking money for Terry Lamphier, charged with three counts of child porn! Will Jeff Pelline at Sierra Foothills Report cover this? I bet not!

    Here's the latest Nevada County Dem's newsletter piece. Notice how the Joehneck's fail to tell folks what Lamphier is really charged for. They flat out lie about the charges Lamphier faces! This is disgusting, the Joehnck's and the Dem Committee is trying to help and cover up for a person charged with child porn!

    They say Lamphier is charged with "3 count misdemeanor indictment against him alleging his misuse of a County computer last Fall while serving as County Supervisor". SORRY, this is a lie! The fact is the charges are not for "misuse of a County computer", the charges are for 3 counts of "CHILD PORN"!

    Once again we see the local Dem's can't tell the truth! This is a flat out lie by the Joehnck's and this lie is intended to deceive and raise money for Lamphier via the lie. Below is the item as printed in the latest Nevada County Dem newsletter. I wonder if the Joehnck's that are promoting this lie and the Dem's that approved this for their newsletter have any children or grand children.

    Terry Lamphier has been charged with CHILD PORN, not miss use of a government computer which is a violation of County policy, not the laws of the State of California. Here's the item in the latest NC Dem newsletter:

    A personal project of friends of Terry Lamphier, By Robert and Margaret Joehnck

    As you may know, our friend, endorsed candidate for Grass Valley City Council, TERRY LAMPHIER, won the 11/4/14 election, was sworn in 1/5/14 and then resigned within 3 days, in part, due to demands that he do so given the filing of a 3 count misdemeanor indictment against him alleging his misuse of a County computer last Fall while serving as County Supervisor, a position expired year end.

    Nevada County Democrats reserve judgment in this matter per the 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and support the presumption of innocence and the due process rights of Mr. Lamphier during this difficult time. Although the timing and the extent of publicity of this matter is frankly suspect in an election year, it is our hope and demand that justice is administered in a fair, transparent and equitable manner in this case and in all others in Nevada County.

    Mr. Lamphier must now muster the money for attorney’s fees to defend himself against these charges although recently unemployed as our Supervisor and city councilman. He has already sold his car to pay these fees so he can have his day in court. Support our basic freedom and constitutionally protected right to a presumption of innocence by making a donation to the Terry Lamphier Legal Defense fund. Make checks payable to Stephen Munkelt, Attorney at Law and mail to:

    Terry Lamphier-Legal Defense Fund PMB 63 10042 Wolf Road, Suite B Grass Valley, CA 95949

    1. George Boardman covered the facts. It's fine for the Dem Committee to raise money for Lamphier's defense, that's not the issue here. The issue is the Dem Committee doing so with a known lie. It's deceitful and dishonest. If the local R's did such a thing what would the reaction from the left be?

    2. George Boardman explained it all pretty well. It is sad that the local democrats elite can't tell the truth. I have not taken a position on TL as I would like the process to make its way through the system.

      Apparently Pelline has blown a gasket that GeorgeB even wrote his article. For a man (Pelline)_ who does not want the BOS to hear from the Jefferson folks to take the position on TL as he does shows what a lack of brains does to someone. The man is totally a hypocrite. I still can't believe Pelline had our trusted newspaper under his tutelage.

  12. Once again over on Sierra Foothills Report:

    "Time for well organized boycott of The Union AND any advertisers".

    Notice how it's the liberal left that calls for boycotts when they don't agree with what others think and believe? Some are real bullies that want to threaten and intimidate to get their way.

    1. I think the person calling for a boycott is a total idiot. I don't take it seriously. Goodness there are 25000 people that take the paper. They must be doing something right. Liberals need to get out more and stop being reclusive nuts.

  13. Where would one shop for groceries/merchandise if they were to seriously attempt to boycott union advertisers? AM PM?
    Probably better off without their business any way, easier on employee moral to not have to serve mean people who do not participate in the local economy anyway.

    1. Well that is why these libs are not believable. Bluster and chest thumping galore but not much there between the ears. That Curtis fellow that made threat is typical.


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