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Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama's prioities? America at risk?

As I read and watch the debates on everything from the economy to the "outing" of Jihadi John I am struck by the  nonchalance of the President and his lackeys in the Executive branch.  The world has asked America to lead the way in trying to keep chaos and terror from taking over. Since WW2 we had done that.  But now that we have a "socialist" fellow in charge we all get to see up close what that philosophy of governance means.

Image result for jihadi johnI watched the BBC report on "jihadi John" last night.  It was in depth and well done.  Something our American press has lost the ability to do apparently.  If it is not about Madonna falling on her ass at a concert, then they are not interested.  At least we get something with red meat from the foreign press.  Anyway, here we have a murdering swine called Mohammed Emwazi, a British citizen born in Kuwait who came to England at age six.  He is the man in the black with the knife.  He cut off the heads of Americans!  I would love to see Obama have a press conference to declare a reward for this scumbag.  Send the message we are coming to get you.  But alas, Obama does not have it in him to do it.  However, if a white policeman uses deadly force to save his own life from a black thug in Ferguson, Obama will stop at nothing and pay whatever it costs to prosecute the policeman!  Is this a psychological issue?

Obama says these murdering swine like Emwazi are poor and need jobs as he believes that is why they become terrorists.  Well Emwazi comes from a economically OK family.  I think he just likes to slice off people's heads to watch the blood spurt out.  He is just a sick murderer, no other explanation is possible.  Like a sociopath serial killer, they  and he simply like to murder. 

Unfortunately for America, we have a party of lamebrains called "democrats" who are in lockstep with Obama and his philosophy.  I listen to these lamebrains like Dick Durbin, US Senator from Illinois and just shake my head in disbelief.  Durbin and his compatriots readily give up their Constitutional power of a co-equal branch.  Rather than defending their Senate positions, they just hand it over to Obama!  I would suggest they resign from office since they don't even understand the importance of their office.  I mean why be there if you are willing to give up your power of the purse and the oversight of an overreaching Executive?  What good are you?  Get out and let people who know civics replace you!

Obama's Executive order on immigration puzzles me greatly.  He said over 22 times he did not have the power or authority to do what he then did after the election in November.  He even announced prior to the election he would not do it because he did not want to harm the re-e;election of his democrats.  Well it did not work and the Republicans kicked the democrats asses.  So just like a petulant child, Obama announced his illegal action to legalize millions of people.  Say what?  Yes, we have terrorists running around killing people all over the planet and he opens the borders to people who have no rights to be here.  It seems the democrats in the Congress are all in.  What happens when a "jihadi" blows up a couple of them?  Maybe they will understand what the Republicans are trying to do?  Probably not.  These democrats are the most partisan people I have ever seen.  There is not one thing the R's do these democrats agree with, especially on controversial items. And they are mean and mealy mouthed little kids.

Listening to the democrats you would think those Republicans who want to follow the US Constitution are all scoundrels.  That sealing the border is anti-human! (1.2 million came here legally last year)  That asking for accountability of bureaucrats is some sort of apostasy!  I think it is because they are bereft of civics lessons.  They don't even know how the American system of governing works!  The democrats want a king I guess.  If a whole group are ready to crown their favorite king and give up their power of equality then I say again.  Resign!

Obama seems to me to be undermining the country in many ways.  His objectives seem to be working.  Diminish America since he believes we are not a special place and make us just one of the gang of mediocrity.  We are not special.  So we have withdrawn from the position of leader to one of a follower, or worse, bench sitter.  I recall seeing some of the "Why we Fight" movies from WW2 and in my view, nothing has really changed today from the reasons given then.  Sitting back and not even arming the Kurds in Iraq and the Ukrainians in their fight against the Russian hegemony is wrong.  The murders and kidnappings by Nigerian Muslims, the Taliban killing children by the score and the ISIL scum beheading innocent Christians is in need of confrontation.

Sure, we are on this side of the great sea.  We are insulated we think from these terrors.  Yes, we said the same thing when German submarines were sinking our ships off the east coast of America.  But finally we had to go and kick their ass and bring some sort of civility to the planet.  Obama is so afraid of exercising the American muscle he is paralyzed.  Of course he still goes out and makes speeches about American shortcomings to a heady college audience where he still has some support.  But when the murderers are inside our country what will he do?  Will he send Eric Holder to indict the policeman for arresting the Muslim head slicer?  Will he explain that the "white privilege" of the majority here deserves what they get because of the past indiscretions?  Probably.  America deserves much better.

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