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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Propaganda galore, "Hands in your pockets" Youtube video goes viral. Rich Lowry has it right!

I got to see just how the left takes the truth and twists, cajoles and edits the truth to fit their propaganda desires.  It was a segment this morning on CNN.  I had not heard of this incident in Michigan until this CNN segment.  The white babe anchor was interviewing the Police Chief of the Michigan city, I think it was Pontiac, and as it unfolded I could see it infold.  

So I was watching the CNN segment and the police chief was explaining why this incident took place.  He said there was a 911 call from a business (jewelry store I think) that asked for a officer to come by.  The 911 caller said there was a man that had walked back and forth in front of their store 5-6 times and he had his hands in his pockets and appeared suspicious.  The Chief said this store had been robbed seven times and the people working there were scared they may be robbed again.  He said they had looked down the barrel of guns and did not want that to happen again.  OK, I thought, yes!  There is the reason for the officer interviewing the man with his hands in his pockets.

But wait!  The CNN babe accused the Chief of harassment of this black fellow and said in as many words that there was no reason to come talk to him!  The Chief said it was in response to a 911 call and they are duty bound to answer them. (can you imagine if they did not respond!)  The Chief pointed out that both the policeman and the man were respectful of each other.  But wait!  The CNN babe says hey!  That was profiling and why would you do that?  The Chief said well, the store is 90% black and they are the ones that called!

The CNN babe did her best to twist this incident into a "Ferguson" for goodness sakes, but the Chief smacked her down at every turn.  He did so respectfully.  The CNN  babe obviously had an agenda and it was not one of telling the truth.  I actually yelled at the TV, well, at her line of questioning anyway.  She to me represents why CNN and the lamestreams are headed for the dustbin of history regarding the TRUTH!  Why else would a person like the CNN info-babe attack the police?

HERE is the MyFOX Detroit News take on this and it is right on the money.  Thank goodness the TRUTH has at least one TV outlet nationwide.  When in a time of all this racial unrest a supposed "news" organization would resort to distortion and lies to further their agenda of "inequality" by the police across America I am at a loss for words.  Of course, Obama and Holder are spreading this false narrative as well.  I ask you, what would happen if the police did not come to the 911 call?  What if the police said they will stay out of these neighborhoods where minority crime is rampant?  My goodness.  These CNN buffoons and all the other race hustlers, whiners and complainer about the police need to rethink their propaganda.

When the CNN babe gets mugged or her house burglarized, who will she call?  The police are the one entity that heads in the direction of possible deadly danger in our society.  I agree that we must have officers that respect the rights of all and we need to weed out the small minority of the profession that does not.  But overall, the police need to be respected for their willingness to protect us all.  I agree with what Rich Lowry said this last weekend about all of our responsibilities regarding "rights" when confronted with a policeman. Watch this and you will see the utter disbelief to his words by those denying the truth.  I laughed my butt off.

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