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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Accountability for our money from Measure F

Way back in 1996 my friend Don Qrnell and some other concerned citizens were fed up with the lack of funding for our roads in Nevada County.  These men decided to try an initiative to use money they said should be used for roads anyway.  The discretionary money from the Vehicle License Fee was used mainly for social payments.  So they went out and wrote the initiative, had it vetted by a local attorney and then presented it for distribution f\to gather signatures.  It passed and ever since the county has used the money for roads. I would like to see the total VLF amounts.  (Sorry I lack a bit of trust on that)

One of the provisions of the Measure F initiative required the county to publish the use of the money on a yearly basis. We felt that was important so the misuse or diversion to other uses would be made impossible.  I was looking at the Road List and was having a hard time seeingg where the Measure F money was.  So I called the county and shortly thereafter I received a call from

Martin Polt
Deputy County Executive Officer/CFO
County of Nevada

We had a nice talk about the money and I just wanted to see the yearly list.  Well Mr. Polt has sent me a email today and the charts and explanation below is now on the County website.  It will also be part of the DOT presentation to the Board of Supervisors..  I want to thank Ric Haffey and Mr. Polt for this response.  I look forward to see this presented every year now. This is for DoQrnell, and maybe the County could rename Measure F the Don Qrnell Measure.

Nevada County Measure F

In 1996, Nevada County voters approved Measure F, which directs Motor Vehicle License Fee revenues received by the county be set aside for specific County uses.  Fifty percent of those fees are to be used exclusively for road maintenance and repair, road safety, and access.
Measure F expenditures for the past 3 years are as follows:
Road Maintenance Categories
FY 11/12
FY 12/13
FY 13/14
Pavement Preservation (chip seal or overlay)
Shoulders / Drainage
Roadside clearing and brushing
General Maintenance such as potholes and shoulder grading
Special Projects such as striping or overlay
Over the past 3 years, chip seal and overlay roads have included McCourtney Road, Alta Sierra Drive, Banner Lava Cap Road, Slate Creek Road, Old Downieville Road, Road, Tyler Foote Crossing, Banner Quaker and Cascade Shores roads, Magnolia Road, Spenceville Road, Mount Olive Road, Mooney Flat Road, Quaker Hill Cross Road, Pasquale Road, Lower Colfax Road, North Meadow View Road, Burma Road, North Bloomfield Road, Brunswick Road, and Lime Kiln Road.     
Public Works staff is now preparing a spending plan for the 2015/16 fiscal year.  That plan will be presented to the Board of Supervisors in the next several months.  That plan will include programming for Measure F revenues in the next fiscal year.
For additional information, please contact Steve Castleberry in the Public Works Department at 530-265-1718.

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