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Monday, December 29, 2014

Can R.L. Crabb practice what he preaches? Naw, too much work!

One of my loyal readers pointed me to Crabb's blog this morning.  He said I was once again the target of Crabb's bloviating.  Now I have only met the fellow a couple of times and those were at public events.  He is kind of a shriveled up looking fellow (I think we attended school here together) and he wears a cap, sort of like the one that Stalin wore in his early days in the old USSR.  He appeared to me as a nice fellow in person and I was happy to meet him back a few years ago.  But like most people from the 60's, (the ones that can't remember them) he decided I was his enemy and he has  come after me verbally and with picture cartoons ever since.

His latest screed is mainly about his distaste of his old boss, Jeff Pelline, and he certainly comes across with a lot of sourness about the booted FUE.  (Former Union Editor).  Now I could care less about their personal diatribes against each other but maybe, just maybe, Crabb needs to look in the mirror for the problems he says others have.  I mean come on, he does cartoons for a living, mainly ones that ridicule and make fun of others.  Whether he mocks their physical body or their mental conditions, he seems to relish that way of writing and drawing.  I really could care less though.  Having been the target of better "mockers" than Crabb could ever hope to be, I am used to the derision of my critics.

Having been in politics for many years, I  was  respectful of the positions pf others.  .  During those years, and the ones following when I created CABPRO, my property and Constitutional Rights Organization, I had to endure the slings and arrows (thanks William) and push my ideas and agendas.  People like Crabb did their best to make me leave town for goodness sakes.  They did their best to try and shut me up.  But I would not let them control me or my opinions.  This of course makes them even more angry.  Over time I started my own blog and have had enormous success in number of readers and even widespread attention from elsewhere.  I appreciate you readers from places like Alaska and even Russia.  Some from Washington DC and London.

Anyway, people like Crabb, they never grow up to adulthood.  They are like little children in a room full of adults and those chillin have their own agenda.  Usually a fantasy.  Apparently Crabb calls me a "asshole" or some other derogatory term.  That is what I mean by he is still a little kid inside.  Since I was never a "jock" in school I cannot relate to his attempt to use that term either.  I was a nerd in current terms.  I liked Physics, science and I did play basketball.  I had a the gift of friendliness and to this day have many friends here and elsewhere.

We all do blogs for various reasons and no one is forced to come read them.  I created mine because I just like to bloviate now and put my opinion out into the ether.  I really don't care if anyone reads the blog but as I mentioned, I am getting a gazillion looks and that is just fine.  Apparently Crabb said he had a similar reason since he was now just a small town cartoonist with feeling of inadequacy and wanting to feel important.  I have no problem with that.  But if you dish it out to others, you must be prepared to get some back.  Crabb has failed that test, not only with me but with others as well.  He cannot accept truth from others that he may disagree with.  He has a constant battle with his old boss Jeff Pelline, who claims to have saved Crabb's job.  Crabb and Pelline are just plain nasty to each other and maybe they should have an Obama "beer summit"?

All in all, I could care less about Crabb's opinion of me and I truly don't care if he draws pictures and ridicules me.  He can spin his wheels all he wants.  All I am pointing out is when you live in a glass house, you better watch those rocks.  Happy New Year to Crabb and to his nemesis, {elline.  I hope you two can mend your hate for each other.  I don't hate anyone, I just have opinions! 


  1. OK, I'll be the one to say it. Knowing and liking both you and Bob, I would love to see you both cut the crap. We have bigger issues to focus on. Please?

    1. Well I can tell you that I have said many nice things about his work but he has never said a kinnd word towards me. I think I may have stolen his GF away from him in high school.

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    3. Had yo boot your comment. If you wanto talk about my manhood parts you have to be a real person here. Otherwise, you are just jealous.

  2. NC Scooper nails Pelline and his hate of The Union newspaper.

  3. What makes the crabmans post really funny is that lefty jeffy on the same day has a big typo as I noted on DR R's. Check out lefty jeffys Nevada City chamber names leaders for 2015 post. He has two presidents being elected and no VP! Will the liberal lament land survive this disaster? Will lefty jeffy still get to be the new copy editor? Oh the pain, the pain of it all moans lefty jeffy. LOL

  4. Yeah...that happens to petty people who make issues over nothing. The reason I post anon is because it works easier for some reason. BMW


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