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Friday, May 16, 2014

Climate hoxers double down on the lies. Harry Reid should resign

Honestly I am not surprised that the grant leeches and the science whores have decided there is too much money to lose if they tell the truth.  Now that the election season is moving along we get to see the desperation of the democrats in their efforts to deceive the people.  Even Governor Brown here in California gave us all his insight into the fate of LAX in Los Angeles with his tall tale of rising sea levels!

I have done many stories on the hoax being perpetrated by the left on the issue of "global warming".  Oops, is that the latest description?  I think they have decided to call it a new name this week.  Seems they cannot decide which "terror" name works best for the masses.  The simple fact is the left has been an utter failure in governance across the USA and they think this hoax of "climate disruption" is a winning ticket.  Of course America just went through the coldest winter on record this last winter and now that the air has returned to normal temperatures I guess they think the people have forgotten.

That is what cracks me up about the left.  They beat a dead horse until they decide to change the definition and then beat it again and again.  This week they were once again resurrecting the 98% of climate scientists are convinced that man has caused "climate disruption" and if we do not start taxing the "polluters" (all business) and the people even more, the planet is doomed.  With a lemming filled press corps spreading their lies, the left figures they can outlast the truth I guess.

I listened last night to Capitol Radio, the Sacramento NPR type station on my way home from Sac.  The host was interviewing Mark Hertsgaard, author of  "Climate Cranks".  I was not shocked that the host did not ask one question of her guest that was contrary.  There was no counter-point person either.  I ended up yelling at the radio!  Hertsgaard spewed his bile against the latest target of the liberals, the Koch brothers, and Big Oil.  He claims all the people against the hoax are paid off by those two!  I guess I am a sap since I have always opposed the hoax and never have seen one Koch brother or a rep from big oil.  We on the right side of the truth don't get paid like the Hertsgaards I guess.  Even with all the billions of grant-whore money these lovelies can breach a 3% worry position on the important issues facing Americans!

That is the problem with all these lies the left perpetrates.  No counter-point and no hard questioning to these people on their "facts".  President Obama and Harry Reid have decide that since they have dunbed down the people of our country with crappy education and propaganda that they can get away with this hoax.  Their goals of course are taxes and more taxes.  Everyone will pay and all that money will be sent to the third world as the Kyoto Treaty envisioned.  Americans will have none of this though.  Weather changes from minute to minute and even the dunbest American knows humans have no control of the skies. 

The truth is simply the left cannot seem to find a way to control people when they tell the truth so they conjure up and spread these lies instead.  This battle for the truth is carried on by people with a fascist agenda.  Who would have thought the left, historically in favor of "human rights", would embrace such a transparent strategy of control?  The "carbon tax" in place in California apparently has corruption attached to it already.  Our PG and E bills and others paid by the people are generating some hefty sums.  But, those sums are mostly kept secret as is their disbursement.  Maybe there is someone reading this who can direct us to those disbursements?

I am sure that if the Hertsgaards had their way they would be arresting all of us who believe the whole thing is a hoax.  He would have us sent to "re-education" gulags to get our minds right.  If someone on the right said the same thing the press would run them out of the country and make them roommates with Eric Snowden.  The sad state of the truth in America is evident every time these Hertsgaard types open their mouths.  Now we see the strategy of a climate "rope-a-dope" by the democrats to divert the nations attention from their failures.  I hope America throws their sorry asses out this November and puts in place some people who have brains and common sense.  Who don't want to try and fool the people into submission on a hoax filled endeavor.  Even Harry Reid skewered the Koch brothers on the floor of the US Senate last week.  He knows he cannot be sued for slander as long as he is on the floor just as he did his scumbag attacks on Romney and his tax returns.

But just like Harry Reid said, Republicans are like greased pigs who cannot be grasped and manipulated by the lies of global climate "disruption".  You are darn right Harry, we are too smart.


  1. Even if we vote the bums out of office, there has been a tremendous amount of damage done to the young minds of America. After 20-30 years of misguided educational propaganda agenda (starting at a very young age) we have produced a generation of ill-informed folks who can now vote. The task of infusing reason and logic is overwhelming.

    1. I totally agree. It is as if they were captives in Manchuria and are now fifth columnists about America.


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