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Friday, January 3, 2014

Nevada County Blog Wars. What a Hoot!

fighting kids photo: Sibling rivalry fighting-kids.jpgI have been doing this blog for a couple and a half years and after many hundreds of posts and  many thousands of comments, I have concluded all of us bloggers are biased!  Some are righty some are lefty and some are chicken shits in the middle.  But it is fascinating how people deal with each other using the written word.  I guess it must have always been this way.

Over the years I have read the most ridiculous comments, mostly if not always, from lefty liberals.  They seem to be the nastiest and meanest.  They attack you not to win the argument with a better argument but they try and destroy you and run you out of town or close your business.  They want to hurt you, your family and your pets.  The middle of the roaders, like the R.L. Crabb (a man who could not win election as  host at Mustang Ranch) ilk and others are usually patting themselves on the back when they tell everyone who will listen how they are so unattached to anything or anybody.  Therefore they have some sort of high ground over the rest who actually take positions and exercise their civic duties.  Too funny.  I just call them roadkill.

Those on the right are sometimes far out there on certain issues (aliens, birth certificates) but I find them logical, factual and nice.  They take the liberal crap with a smile and return the favor by outsmarting the dopey middle or left.  All the while the lefty and middle think they are winning.  I just get a kick out of that.

Over the years I have noticed people like Jeff Pelline have moved into the county and in my view have polluted a great place.  It started back in the 70's as hippies moved in, liberals escaping the monstrosities they created in cities and snooty people of all stripes.  We were a county that most everyone got along for 130 years until these Californicators came with their initiative petitions and latte smoothies.  Their attitudes, and one only needs to read the Pelline blog, is one of uppity over we common folk.  Then they try to tell us they are the new majority.  Well, I think they have made inroads here not because they are nice but because they are jerks with big mouths.

No one like a know-it-all, and our poor county seems to attract them.  Now we have a old "Editor" of our local paper using leftwing propaganda to go after "fracking".  I have been duking it out with the big mouth on the comment section of the Union.  These are the kinds of people who shout fire in a crowded theater.  I like taking them on.  Sure, they may be better spellers and have a degree in rhetoric or penguin counting, but I still like to try.

The world is changing as one local implant from the Bay Area says constantly.  We are not however proceeding forward.  We are regressing because the left wants to control every aspect of your life as long as they are in charge. Of course the rules don't apply to them.  We see this attitudes on any blog by any liberal.  Of course the chicken in the middle refuse to take a position on anything but feels free to ridicule everything.  I would not want to be in a foxhole with one of them but I would defend their right to be stupid I guess.

So the R'L' Crabb blog has been the latest battleground between some characters that are fighting over nothing.  And they are really adept at fighting over nothing.  They all act like my kids did at 10 years old.  They all have to have the last word and they all get so uptight and want the transgressor to be punished.  They all dislike each other and the saving grace for all of them is they all dislike me!  I love it.  I kick their asses and they all cry like babies.  They can't even bring themselves to use my name or the correct name of this blog.  It is so childish.

So there you have it today.  Grown men playing dodge ball in the cocktail lounges of their minds.  No winners, but a lot of them look pretty silly.  I say, keep it going fellas, now you see why I did not jump in, I am a man, try to be one too.


  1. You are a real piece of work, Todd.

  2. You're very much an individual with an experienced opinion todd. You don't run with the mob who like to bully those who think independently. Bless your heart and all those who stand up for what's right regardless.

    1. Thanks, it look s like even Mr. Crabb agrees with you.

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  4. Todd, you are as red-blooded as they come. I wish you were my kids' preacher, teacher, boyfriend, husband, neighbor, mailman and soccer coach...all at the same time! Instead of school, children should be forced to read your blog, while humming the national anthem softly...


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