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Friday, December 6, 2013

Tim Tebow may be headed to Italy

I recall watching this young man when he played college football and he was a great player.  He is big and in college, accurate.  He is smart and GOLLY!  He is a Christian!  Then he headed for the pros and I thought he would be an instant hit.  He was, but the secularists did not like his itty bitty sideline prayer when something good happened to him or his team.

So they road his ass and made fun of him and meanwhile, we regular folks out here in the hinterlands liked what we saw.  Even though the secularists trashed this good man every time they could we were his fans.  The media did the same thing to Sarah Palin.  A good woman of family values and a Christian as well.  The media scum attacked her every waking moment during the 2008 campaign and it worked to a degree.  You see the media scum don't like people with values like Tebow or Palin.  The media scum have no values.  Anything goes as long as it is a degenerate lefty life lifestyle.  (Some NFL stars have eight kids by eight different women).  But  God forbid you are a Christian and BAM, you are toast.

 During the 2010 Super Bowl  Tebow did an ad televised nationally, thanking his single mother for not aborting him.  I knew at that moment the left and the feminists would go after him.  Even though the feminists championed "single mothers" they could not resist trashing Tim and his mother because they were Christians.  Amazing!

HERE is the short article on Tebow and I hope he goes there and makes a gazillion dollars.  Just like Curt Warner who was boxing groceries after a short stint in Arena football, and who became a Super Bowl winner and MVP and a GASP! Christian!  Now Curt is a analyst on one of the lamesstreams sports shows (muzzeled on his religious beliefs).  Curt is a remarkable man as are his wife and kids.  He should be the role model for young people just as Tim Tebow should be.  Actually they are but the lamestreams rarely report the kindness these people spread around to others unselfishly.

In the end the secularists who hate these good people are the losers.  Tebow, Warner and Palin, they get a ticket to the right side of the Big Guy, the secularists become toast forever more.  Tim, go make a bunch of dough, refine your skills and stay true to yourself, there are a lot of people who respect you and wish you well.  Same for Sarah and Curt.

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