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Monday, August 12, 2013

Spitzer and Weiner's poll numbers deflating

Sorry, these things are just too funny to me.  It appears the men are working his way into political oblivion.  HERE is the latest poll numbers for the scofflaws.

Elliot Spitzer is also having trouble.  HERE is a Politco story that will (if true) make anyone with good ethics feel a little bit proud.  New York voters are some of the most liberal in the country and if these numbers for these two lovelies hold up then perhaps I may give those voters some kudos.  But, knowing politics a little bit, I'll wait for the election results before I pat anyone on the back.

I know Mark Sanford was elected to Congress after his affair was exposed and I think he too should have been defeated.  But for some reason the conservative voters of South Carolina turned the other cheek and their wish and vote was his.  Oh my.

I am anxious for the demise of the Mayorship of Bloomberg.  He is a liberal in sheep's clothing.  To me he is no better than Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago.  But Bloomberg spent 100 million bucks to but the  re-election for Mayor and if anyone had any doubts about what money can buy in politics, Bloomberg is the poster child.  Looking back I recall he was a democrat turned Republican so he could get Rudy Giuliani's support.  Then after the victory he became a Independent.  He has acted and legislated like a liberal, his true calling.  Bloomberg is why people are so cynical about the motivations of a politician.  Then we see the Weiner's and Spitzer's attempts at power and ask ourselves why?  Why don't they just go home and shut up?

Those two scofflaws have put their wives and kids in terrible positions.  I am no prude but when I saw Spitzer's wife standing beside him a few years ago as he explained why he, "client number nine", spent $60,000 bucks or so on hookers I was appalled.  His wife was home watching the kids while he was chasing some 24 year old girl around the bed at Motel 6.  He is a jerk.

Then we have "Carlos Danger" aka Anthony Weiner.  His wife was standing beside him at the news conference as he admitted again that he was tweeting his penis to all who would care.  His penis will undoubtedly be exhibited in the Smithsonian as the best example of a dick that brought down a another liberal jerk.

Politicians are really no different than many in the real world.  They however have a larger inflated view of their place in the scheme of life.  They want to be in charge of us.  Tell us what to do so to speak.  Well we want them to be a bit more under control so we can trust them and their decisions don't we?  I do.  I am not perfect but I took the "public trust" very seriously when I was an elected official.  I took it seriously when I was Chairman of the Republican Central Committee as well.  When you ask for a person'vs vote you have a fiduciary responsibility to be ethical and do the right thing.

This also spills over into the votes these politicians take.  Unfortunately n the Congress they have what they call "omnibus bills".  Rather tan voting on things separately so each Congressman can bow out if he has a conflict of interest, they toss everything into a massive, one size fits all  bill and so there is no way to bow out if there is something in the bill you are in conflict with.  So, we have a problem in the quest to defeat or defund Obamacare.  The Congress will have another omnibus bill called the "continuing resolution" and Obamacare is in it.  What to do, oh my, what to do?  How these people can put themselves in such a box of snakes is beyond my comprehension.  But like Weiner and Spitzer, maybe they can get their wives to stand next to them as they vote and we will all be feeling better about them and ourselves.

Well, maybe not.

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