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Friday, August 23, 2013

Obamacare. Defund it and let it die

We are all bombarded each day with the arguments about this travesty of legislation.  We on the right want freedom of choice in our healthcare and the libs of the left, democrats, socialist etal, want the government to own your body and give you no choice.  Seems like things are turned around from the old "abortion" principles doesn't it?

Our Congressmen, Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock are all for defunding this monster.  Obamacare was created out of lies and deception.  Nothing of value should ever be allowed to control Americans if created like this insurance scam.  Remember, no Republicans voted for it.  It was all democrats.  Remember Nancy Pelosi stating the bill had to pass so we would know what it is in it?  Remember Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson and some others who received payoffs to vote for the monster?  Then we were told by the democrats that 40 million were uninsured and this would fix it all?  Now they tell us they are still 30 million uncovered.  Sorry dems, no trust.  I think drastic action to defund is called for and necessary.

Having been in a political position in my past I can tell you if you let even one wisp of oxygen to keep a law like this alive it will grow and grow and become Godzilla.  These things never leave.  They are no different than a tick in a dogs hide.  Defund the monster and let we Americans return to "choice" in our personal health insurance needs.  The liberals that are so vocal about "rights" are silent on this one as we have all seen.  How can people allow their bodies to be turned over to "panels" of bureaucrats who will decide if you receive a treatment?  I am dumbfounded by the left's attitude but my best guess is they want to actually allow the government into your home and body, just like the invitation you need to give a vampire.  He can't enter your house without an invitation so the libs and dems are inviting him into your body to suck out your rights to privacy and your money.

Hopefully the House of Representatives, where all bills originate regarding money must start, will defund.  The overall budget can move forward and all the other parts of the budget can be funded.  If the House wants to really send the message to defund though, remove it from the "continuing resolution" and vote on it separately.  We know that won't happen though because we still have some RINO's who will cave.  Hopefully those RINO's will get the boot in their primaries.  Anyway, if there is a government shutdown then it will be on Obama and the democrats.  The media will never say that however, no matter what the media will say the Republicans are the cause.  So our guys need some heuvos and stay the course.  Defund the monster, return my body to me and the bureaucrats can go back to paving highways.


  1. Todd....You're so right. Thanks for the wonderful summery of what's been going on.

  2. Thanks for your great observations regarding what's been going on Todd.

  3. You are welcome. My guess is though that the RINO's will screw us over and that will leave us with a few brave politcos and an empty pocket book.


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