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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

America is still center right, Democrats did gain a few seats though

I am getting a kick out of the leftwingnut talking heads and even some disgruntled Republican political consultants losers  since the November 6, 2012 elections.  You would think the R party has been decimates and on its way to the dust-heap if you listen to those "smart" people.  I especially laugh at the R political consultants who tell us Romney was a dolt and  the party needs to become democrat light.  The "Santa Clause" party light.  I think politics is such an inexact sport that no one can predict anything.

We can all be experts, hell, even my garbagee man has more smarts about politics than some of the talking heads on TV.  America is still a country with a conservative bias and though the welfare state queens want to make us all takers, most Americans with a sense of "fairness" know it cannot be a taker state and last much longer.  I have taken a look at the political makeup of the State's Legislatures and their Executives.  Listening to the talking heads you would think the country went left and the place is now wrapped up in the democrat hand basket.  Well, the facts prove otherwise.

HERE is a little map of who is in charge in all the states.  Read the article too.  Then maybe you will be restored to confidence. You should click on the link in the map box so you can check out each state's makeup.  R's have the majorities.

 HERE is a interactive map for America.  Pretty cool.

Here is the November 7 wrap-up totals for Legislatures.
  • Pre-election 2012: 26 Republican Legislatures, 15 Democrat and 8 that were split.
  • Post-election 2012: 26 Republican Legislatures, 19 Democrat and 4 split.
  • Nebraska has a nonpartisan,  unicameral Legislature.
The "split" Legislatures are the lowest in thirty years.  This to me show the polarization of our country even more than a close Presidential race. Democrats did regain 150 seats of the over 650 they lost in 2010.  R's net hold is 500 Legislative seats.

As for Governors, the R's have the advantage here as well.R's have 29, D's have 20 and their is one Independent (maybe Ben Emery and Michael A should move there?)

Sure, it was not fun watching the reelection of Obama by the new "Moron" Party members, but it isn't the end of the world.  I saw Christie give the "O" man a hug for promising some moolah to fix the mess Sandy caused.  But since that seems to be Obama's forte', bribes and payoffs for votes, I saw nothing new there.

America is still going to make it.  We will have a back and forth in politics forever  more (or until we fall over the cliff), so I am not that worried.  Republicans have the majorities in most places and we will get the rest later.  Hell, even New York had a R Senate majority, now not.  Unlike the California Senate hegemony through gerrymandering Controller John Chaing.  But maybe even our once great sate will return to sanity someday. We did retain control in the "People's House" as well.  Thank you John Boehner and Doug LaMalfa.

Don't fret, don't let the talking heads from either party get you down.  America is resilient, R's are in charge in most places and we will always be the Party of Sanity.


  1. Todd.. Our social experiment in Nevada City has got national attention. ( Bum sleeping permits)
    From Drudge to The Blaze, the story has gone viral. Some of the reprints don't tell of the limited number. So soon the great migration will begin. " Off to NC! Free camping and food handouts !"

  2. Todd, not a day goes by where I don't think that you should have been in Vietnam...

  3. It pleases me no end that I am in your head every day.

  4. Todd wrote: "maybe Ben Emery and Michael A should move there?"

    Nope. I will live in Nevada City until the end. Can't speak for Ben though...

  5. Walt, sleeping permits work to keep the homeless off of private property. A major problem in many CA towns, as we speak. The permits actually work to cut down on police costs and private property damage.

  6. Walt and Todd.... Nevada County has many homeless and hungry, mentally ill, and challenged. Do you really want to keep them from services? Do you really not care that people are hungry and camping outside in this dreadful rain and cold? Regardless of your political leanings - do you really not CARE? It's astounding to me that you snarl at folks who struggle with daily living, that you vomit on the left who support people eating food! walt says "Fee camping and free food!" As if that is a really bad thing. Walt and Todd,I am very concerned about your humanity. There are people who have suffered horrific trauma, physical abuse and sexual abuse in childhood - how can you overlook their struggles? Some are so damaged by circumstances that they are unable to over come it - do you think they choose this way of life? Are our suffering troops immune to these struggles? Do you support the troops? Do you CARE that the troops returning might be hungry and suffering psychological trauma? Where do you stand? How do you justify these circumstances with your snarling comments about free food?

    1. Sorry anon but you must be smpkin a funny plant. I am one of the most concerned caring people I know. How about you? List the organizations you belong to and how much you donate to the poor. Come on now, you can do it. Oh, nothing? Just as I thought.

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