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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin, FBI butting in, Hate Crime?

Somehow the FBI is now a PC law enforcement organization.  The death of Trayvon Martin will now become even greater fodder for a racial circus and it saddens me the FBI, the daunted agency of men and women I have always respected are being used for this sad episode.

HERE is the article.  Read it and weep for our legendary FBI.

The race hustlers will stop at nothing to jinn up the hatred of people of different colors.  Rather than trying to heal, the race hustlers are using this killing as a weapon to divide us all further from harmony.  Their is no need for the FBI to involve itself.  In my review the local and state government agencies are doing their best to get to the truth and for the FBI to even suggest a "hate" crime before all the evidence is in is a travesty of politics, not justice. 

I am not taking any side in this tragedy but I am incensed that our system can be manipulated so easily by the race hustlers.  What has happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?  I also think and have since these "hate crime" add-ons were conjured up to enhance a sentence and make them federal, that the system has overreached way too far.  I classify a killing (murder) by anyone as a hate crime, it is just a part of the act of violence.  Too enhance a penalty for what I consider a PC feel good reason is ridiculous.

At some point in America the system of justice must be returned to sanity and the "rights" of the perpetrators needs to be reexamined and fine tuned (appeals of murderers over many years comes to mind).  Maybe a back to the future review from my perspective.  Hell, I am for instituting "chain gangs" and rock smasher with sledge hammers.  Lets get some payback from the incarcerated.    I am for punishment of the real bad people rather than rehab.  Rehab doesn't work as we see huge recidivism in our penal system, but we spend billions to be PC and "help" the real perps.  If the evidence is compiled and it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman murdered Martin then throw the book at him.  If he did not, then let him go.  But to predispose the results by charging Zimmerman with a additional "hate" crime charge to me is nuts.

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