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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Palin/Cain Endorsed Fischer wins GOP Senate nomination in Nebraska

Deb Fischer, US Senate Republican Nominee from Nebraska
What the heck!  The left and the establishment Republicans are reeling today after the "surprise" victory of State Senator Deb Fischer.  She garnered 41% of the R votes to become the opponent of retired Democrat US Senator Bob Kerry. The following comes from the article.

"Fischer came out of nowhere in the final weeks to pass state Attorney General Jon Bruning, widely regarded as the "establishment" candidate and Don Stenberg, the favorite of the Club for Growth and Sen. Jim DeMint's Senate Conservative Fund. Both men heavily outspent Fischer in the primary."

So it looks to me like those farmers in Nebraska have decided that no one is going to tell them what to do.  It also appears the respect for a Sarah Palin and Herman Cain endorsement may be quite a help.  The times they are a changin!

HERE is the full article from FOX News.

I have been trying to find that "war on women" the democrats and their lapdogs in the mainstream media said we are foisting but darned if I can find it.  Why the heck would we neanderthals of the right nominate the feminine gender when we supposedly have no respect for them?  Oh, maybe because we don't have a war?  Maybe we love and respect women?  The contrived outrage of the left is so totally ridiculous the American people have begun to swing heavily to our side.  The democrats are simply shooting themselves in the foot on a daily basis.

Obama is leading the way in the ridiculous behavior.  He was traipsing all around he women's shows on TV spewing his canned rhetoric and I have to say if his promises were daisies I would have a large bouquet.  But the proof is in the pudding and the American people are tired of the flip flops of Obama on just about every issue.  The latest flop on homosexual marriage has backfired and the polls have now registered the people's distaste of Obama's "evolution" on the issue.  The people are not stupid (well at least conservatives, LOL)  but the left thinks they can simply allege and the folks will believe.  Ain't happenin!

So in Nebraska, the land of farmers and store front merchants, we see a comeuppance smacked on the establishment by a smart,  photogenic ex governor of Alaska and a black, CEO of a pie business.  This is only the beginning of the American Renaissance of our Founders meanings for us.  Women and men of goodwill will prevail, well except maybe in California and Vermont.  When this Deb Fischer kicks old Bob Kerry's ass back to Lincoln, Nebraska for good, then perhaps we can breathe easier that we may be saved from the scourge of the democrat/socialist hegemony. 

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