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Monday, May 14, 2012

Romney's Excellent Graduation Speech at Liberty University

I watched and listened to Mitt Romney's speech to the Christian College founded by Jerry Falwell and I must say, how anyone can say he is boring and listless must be on some illegal drugs.  It was a very good speech about people, values and what America is all about.  HERE is the full text of the speech but if you want to listen to him go HERE. His speech starts after the 36 minute mark.

What I like about Mitt (may I call him Mitt?) is he is truly a nice and decent man.  I know Obama's goon's are spreading a lying ad of personal attacks today about Bain Capital but Romney is just not that kind of person.  Obama looks like RL Crabb's picture of a devil while Romney is staying above the political slime thrown down by the democrats.  I think if the American people walk the walk of their supposed dislike of the "negative" campaigning, they will reject Obama and elect Romney.

If we are to get America working again, if we are to relieve the American people of the millions of onerous rules and regulations stifling them, if we want to regain our competitive edge and protect personal freedoms, we just need to take to heart what Romney says in this message at Liberty.  If we want to be in the darkness of despair, re-elect Obama, the worst President in my lifetime.


  1. "...the worst President in my lifetime."

    Only to be beat by George Bush, worst president in the history of the United States.

  2. No MichaelA, he is not but you certainly have a right to be wrong. Obama is the wordt in our history, Bush is in the middle.


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