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Monday, April 30, 2012

Washington Media Duo trashes Republicans in Congress

Well well well, here we go again.  It all the Republicans fault didn't you know?  These finger pointing Washington DC insiders do the standard "blame the Republicans" for all that is bad and golly, you would think the R's had more than one half of one third of the place.  Oh please, this is simply a be a book selling pile of horse manure.  HERE is a article describing the book in the view of the authors.

Now why do I think this is a SOP from the DC insider media?  Because 90% are democrat voters and even more voted for Obama.  Sure, the fellow from AEI is supposedly a "right-leaning" fellow, but I don't see any righty in his words.  How the Congress is the worst in history in his opinion is simply laughable.  Thank GOD the American people have replaced the Pelosi crowd majority with a Boehner majority.  The House under Boehner has passed all necessary bills for the budget and other important things to run the country and they go over to the Harry Reid black hole of the US Senate.  Harry won't even allow a vote on the budget!  It has been over a thousand days!  How  come the article doesn't mention the US Senate led by a majority democrat party, not doing their job?  Bias right there wouldn't you say?

The two authors are proud of their 40 years in the DC mix and my guess is the book will allow them to be invited to the cocktail parties the liberal establishment puts on in the Capitol.  Nothing more.  When I read the article I wondered how two "scholars" of the process could be so blind to the reality of how Congress works.  How is it the House majority over the last two years is the worst Congress ever. (Actually the authors confuse Congress with its two parts).  The two authors say this about the 1/2 of one third held by the Republicans;

"One of the two major parties, the Republican Party, has become an insurgent outlier – ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition," they write."

Now from my perspective when a "journalist uses terms like "outlier", you know they are out of touch.  Representative democracy is generally preached as fantastic when the democrats are in charge.  But apparently when the American people put R's in charge it is "extreme".  The authors criticize the R's as extremist for wanting illegal immigration laws to be enforced, for climate change to be discussed as a theory and for wanting to return to the Constitution as the guiding document.  I would guess from the article the authors want the "Commerce" Clause to be the guiding national document.

As a corn-pone hayseed from little ol' Nevada County, three thousand miles away from the "action" of DC, I have to laugh at the myopic views of these two authors.  The country is passing those dinosaurs by.  The people are sending representatives to DC who want our country to return to the things, policies, that made us the greatest place on the planet.  These two authors want us to "compromise" with the liberals forever more it appears. How do you compromise pro-life and Pro-baby killing?  How is supporting life "extreme"?  How is a balanced budget extreme?  How is enforcing laws on our borders extreme?  They aren't but these two authors show how far down the road American values have strayed and these pinheads are the poster children for that straying.  I won't give the two "extremist" authors my money and I recommend you don't buy the book either.  Use your money to buy Ayn Rand books instead.

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