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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rich Ullery and the NCRCC did a fine job Saturday Night

I took my honey and her 16 year old granddaughter to the Spring Dinner held at the Alta Sierra Country Club and a fine time was had by all.  We were guests of Senator Doug LaMalfa an we joined him, Assemblyman Jim Nielson, Assessor Sue Horne and Doug's aide Jennifer at a head table.  I have not been that close to the front of a function since I was the Chairman of the NCRCC in the 90's.

We got to see a lot of friends and had some great conversations.  Earlier in the day I took my honey and her granddaughter to Reno to her four year old grandsons birthday party.  It was on the way back that the granddaughter told us about Gridley High School disallowing the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance and a teacher there covering over the word GOD in the pledge posted on the wall of her classroom.  Well, we certainly had a spirited conversation about all that after I encouraged the high schooler to tell the Senator and the Assemblyman.  The culture wars are alive and well right there in River City!

We got to listen to all the attending candidates for election and re-election and all did a fine job.  The next month will be pretty intense as the primary is June 5 and heck, that is only 57 days away. The candidates have a lot to do.  Nate Beason actually stopped by my house last week while I was pressure washing my garage floor.  I like Nate even if he was a Navy Captain.  Oh, just kidding Nate.  I was happy to hear all the candidates discuss their concerns about the national and state debt and deficits.  Also, the over-regulation is killing jobs and harming or economy along with the boondoggle of the high seed rail.  The last speaker was Shawn Steele.  He is the National Party Committeeman from California and I knew him from many years ago. He was state party chairman as well.

Steele spent his time talking about the Obama legacy as well as some Obama history.  I did not know Obama was our first Affirmative Action President.  That according to Steele.  He said how could someone as unqualified to get into Harvard and the other high end schools get there?  His grades and papers are still unavailable.  Perhaps those papers are so poorly done that Obama is afraid people will see how unqualified he really is?  Well, Steele had a few zingers in there but overall I think he piqued the interest of us all about Obama's qualifications.

Many of the people that make our great county work were at the dinner.  Heck, even Cliff Newell was there.  I think he should re-register as a Republican, he is a good DA.  Rich Ullery should be given a bunch of kudos because I know how hard it is too pull off a successful function like Saturday night.  I dd about ten of them and it sure is hard work.  But Rich did a fine job and gave a nice speech to intro the nights festivities. 

Thank you Doug LaMalfa for your generosity of allowing me and my loved ones to join your table.  Doug has my vote!

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