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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sneaky Lamestream Media and the "Congress" and Mormonism

Article. I.
Section. 1.
All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

So why do I say the lamestream media is being sneaky about the Congress?  Read Article One again.  What is it we see there?  A House of Representatives and a Senate, right?  Well, the lamestream media simply lumps them together and then characterizes the  legislative branch the "Republican Congress" . Is this simply ignorance by the smartest people in journalism or could it be a simple way to try and discredit the Republicans?  I go with the press wanting to discredit the R's.

When you read almost any story about the Congress and it lack of progress, you would think the R's are in charge of the whole place.  Whenever the House passes a bill and it goes over to the Senate the Senate, led by a Mormon, Harry Reid, puts the legislation in the round file.  Why do I say the Mormon Harry Reid?  Because the press, so interested in Mitt Romney's religion, never lets you know Harry is a Mormon.  The press dislikes Romney and they put his religion in most of their stories, usually in a way a reader would led down a dislike path.  Yet we don't see the same treatment for Harry Reid.  Reid is the democrat leader for goodness sakes.  What is good for the goose?

These biases are simply SOP for the conservative/republican hating press. 90% democrat voters.  The press relies on the stupidity of the people regarding the teaching by democrats of our Founding documents.  Oh, that's right, they don't really teach these things much do they?  The have dumbed down the people rather effectively haven't they? 

The Congressional approval ratings are and have been in the tank for years.  What should be explained by the lamestream press is the R's have passed the required US budgets, on time every year they have been in charge of the House and then Harry Reid doesn't even allow a vote on them when they arrive at his Senate chambers (like every good dictator).  But that is not what the press does.  You would deduce the R's didn't do anything when in fact they did.  The democrat Senate is the problem.  Not one vole in over a thousand days by Harry Reid.  I thought the budget was their main job.  Harry needs to resign since he can't seem to do his job.  That is how it works in the private sector.

So, the press just fibs about these things so much they become the so-called truth and the numskulls of mush here in America just keep plodding along in their stupidity.  Here I'll say it again.

Congress is composed of a House and a Senate.  The R's are in charge of the House, the democrats are in charge of the Senate.  They both compose the CONGRESS.  Got it you lamestreams?

Harry Reid is a Mormon.  Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  The lamestream should report both men the same or not at all regarding their religion.  There, I feel better.

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