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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rants for April 12, 2012

As a generally positive person I resist the forces of negativity as much as possible.  It has been a hard road to hoe though as we have seen a relentless attack on the American dream and our Constitution from the left.  Even down to the local level we are subjected to the busybody liberals in our daily lives and in our businesses.  How did this come about?  I think it may be a natural outcome when a country becomes well off.

We have grown government so large it affects us in the electric service we use and the light bulbs we buy.  How is it possible the American people have let this happen?  Many of us have tried over the years to stem the flow of regulations and unnecessary "do-gooder" laws but the tide has overwhelmed us.  The tsunami of interference in our lives by government at all levels is reaching a point of absurdity.  Our Founders never envisioned the federals would yank an incandescent light bulb from our grasp and tell us we must use a mercury filled low wattage florescent or else!  They could not possibly envision the federals forcing all Americans to buy a product or be fined.

America is being transformed by the forces of darkness.  Led by the current President, the left has been very affective at chipping away slowly, but patiently, at the rights of the individual we believed was protected in the Constitution.  Over time we have seen all aspects of personal freedom diminished by rules under the police powers granted under a Supreme Court decisions.  Sure, we all want people to be free from hunger and want.  We Americans have historically helped each other through our giving, through our churches and other institutions, yet that never satisfied the left.  They want to use the force of government and the penalties it uses to take from one set of Americans to give to others.  All in the name of "fairness".

Obama is now using the guilt trip of claiming those that have worked hard and accumulated money, property and "stuff"  should be forced through his laws to turn that "stuff" over to him.  He says he knows what "fairness" is and by golly he will use the power of the gun to take what we have and distribute it to others.  Hope and change?  Change into what?  A police state?

This quest for power is at all levels even here in our Country and of course in California.  No matter who is in charge, the desire for more rules and regulations abounds.  Why is it people want to tell others what to do?  Is it a natural state of a humans personality?  Maybe so.  Heck, in China they tell people how many kids they can have.  In California, new rules about the element "carbon" and its use are the latest in the control of the state over the people.  For goodness sakes, carbon is necessary for life and now we see government controlling us down to the DNA in our bodies!

Americans are getting fed up with all this control.  There will be a backlash.  So far the backlash is being exhibited by the Tea Party and to a lesser extent, the Occupiers.  The difference between the two is stark however.  The Tea Party wants to place constraints on the government and the Occupiers want free stuff.

There will be some stark choices this campaign season. We Americans must somehow return to the past regarding regulations and laws.  We need a simpler life and we need the busybodies to leave us alone.  One of the simplest ways to achieve that is tort reform.  We need "loser pays" here in America.  As it is, we turn over our grievances to lawyers who pursue cases and clog our courts and cost the system billions of dollars.  We need to stop suing each other and get along.  But, people can't I guess and unless we change how we deal with each other, we will remain a paralyzed system of civil rules.

The people that pay attention to the overwhelming attacks by the left on our individual rights are waking up and I hope it is not to late.  The election of people who the left call extremists (simply because they want to live under the Constitution) , is of paramount importance.  We see the damage a socialist President can do in such a short period of time.  Be sure to vote and vote out the scofflaws and replace them with Patriots.  One election cycle can cure the infection pf liberalism.

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