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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hillary Rosen, open mouth, insert foot, the democrat strategist flunks

Hillary, not that one, this one, Hillary Rosen, a democrat strategist and talking head talked too much. One thing about the liberal, they love too talk a lot.  Even our local liberals like Steve Frisch, Jeff Pelline and the rest of the "gang of five" commenter's on the lib blogs can't resist endless bloviating in words.  It seems to be a malady without a remedy on the left.

Rosen decided to let loose on CNN.  She apparently strategized with the other out of touch lefty democrats, the ones who live inside the bubble of the fantasy DC beltway, to try and discredit Ann Romney.  When I heard this this morning I said "thank you LORD"!  The overreach by the secular left has begun.  The American woman voter, hey even the non-voter, will not stand for this.  Rosen has shown how an out of touch  liberal women's libber is all about.   Rosen has no idea  what real American women are all about and what they want.  Too much latte' at the local DC bistro makes a liberal woozy on reality it appears.

Rosen mocked Mitt Romney's point about asking his wife on the stress and problems faced by women.  Ann Romney has been a stay at home mom and raised five sons even though, GASP, she had a degree from Brigham Young.  Oh my goodness, Rosen just couldn't understand how a woman who "never had a job" could give any info to her hubby about life!  Rosen is a total fool and in my view she represents what has gone wrong with ardent feminists.  Expressing a view that a woman who chooses to stay home a raise the kids is not a real job is preposterous.  It is actually THE most important job.  Ann Romney sacrificed her personal job life, a very serious choice of sacrifice, to raise the lives of people she and Mitt chose to bring into the world.  That is the utmost sacrifice isn't it?  The individual for the group?  And I thought the left was "progressive"? I thought the left fought hard for a "woman's right to choose"?

Now Hillary Rosen is apologizing.  HERE is a FOX article on that lame attempt to repair a huge mistake in common sense.  Ann Romney will undoubtedly accept the apology because she is a true and generous person.  Rosen is a simple political hack but aren't all the democrat talking heads?  What fascinates me about this Rosen yap is she has totally destroyed her party's allegation the GOP is pushing a "war on women"!  Rosen, thank you so much.  We knew it was all BS and now you have muted yourselves on the left and removed a key strategy by your own stupidity.

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