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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Romney wins Illinois by a large margin

As I write this Mitt is at 50% and he may secure all the delegated from the state.  He is picking up steam as I thought he would.  America wants a dependable person in charge.  Romney is more of a grownup and in the latest polls out of the booths in Illinois, 71% think Mitt is the best at the defeat of Obama.  That is huge.

Sure, Mitt may not be as conservative as some want him to be but what is the goal?  Beat Obama, toss out his lackeys from the bureaucracy and get things under control to save America.  People are starting to keep their eye on the prize.  It is settling down.  I think all four Republican candidates are better than Obama but in my view only Mitt can beat him.  With a lamestream media gathering every little bit of crap they can find (and make up)  on every Republican, Mitt may be the hardest to find some of that crap.  Of course the media has already shown their hand regarding Bain Capital.  Oh my, people had to be laid off to save the companies!  The leftwing writers who report on the vagaries of capitalism do not have a clue about the economics of capitalism.  In their ignorance they prove that a college education does not necessarily mean a person is more intelligent.

\When California votes in June, all will be settled and then we get a break.  The poor candidates get a break too, well a short one.  Then the conventions then the November vote.  My guess is, Romney will gain the post.  I watched Steven Chu, the Obama Energy Secretary, testify in front of some committee.  The questioner asked him how he would grade himself on the price of gasoline.  He said he deserved an A!  Obama and his minions are isolated from the reality of most Americans.  When George H.W. Bush was perplexed about the scanner in the grocery stores back in 1992, the press went wild with a dose of daily derision about how Bush was "out of touch" with the everyday American.  What a scanner in a store had to do with that point is still beyond my comprehension.  The problem for Obama is gasoline.

To be truly out of touch with the folks he needs a vote from, we could not get a better example than Obama and his buddies in DC on gasoline.  Every time a woman fills her tank up on the way to pick up the kids from the soccer game, she is pissed off.  How can she buy the necessary things for her family when her money is going into the tank?  Obama, through his policies about energy, is changing America.  He promised he would and he is really doing it.  He is forcing us all to change for his desire to have "green" solutions to our energy needs.  I am still looking for that Boeing 747 with a windmill powered engine.

Yes America is being forced to change and in my view for no reason at all.  Global warming by human use of energy is a hoax.  So why would Obama stay the course to demonize oil and show us all he could care less about that mom at the pump?  Arrogance.

Socialism and communism breed arrogance for those in charge.  It is their way or the highway.  Well, Obama is going to be beaten at the polls in November because America is never a good place for an arrogant person.  We usually shun them.  Who wants someone who thinks he/she is better than the rest of us?  We don't.  Obama doesn't get it.  The most important thing to remember, which Obama has never known or if he did, accepted, is that America runs on engines fueled by oil and that made us the greatest place ever seen on planet earth.

Romney and the Republicans know all this.  Now the everyday American mom and dad, all those little people Obama needs a vote from to win, all those little people will desert him because of his energy policies.  It couldn't happen to a person deserving it more.  Thank you Obama for your arrogance and your "tin ear". Gasoline is your downfall.

Romney427,91 46.7
Santorum320,702           35.0
Total Votes & Delegates
Candidates Votes Delegates
Romney 4,064,55  554
Santorum 2,753,702        247
Gingrich 2,180,909 141
Paul 1,066,808 66

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