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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paywall penetrated with my money at the Union today

As a lifelong 3rd generation Union subscriber, the paper version, I decided today to pay the extra 2 bucks a month or so for full access to the Union online.  Pretty damn inexpensive in my view.  It seems the tightwads that don't have a subscription or want to gain access to the internet version have gone elsewhere.  Even the local lefty bloggers, the ones I call the "takers" of our society, are to cheap to pay the two bucks. 

I bid the tightwads good riddance.  They whine and complain about the Union and it reporting all the time.  They are the same tightwads that never listen to KNCO but threaten to never listen to them again!  What a hoot!  If there were a bunch of numskulls dumber than a post as these people are, I have yet to meet them.  The put a petition together to try and intimidate KNCO to ban Rush Limbaugh, but then leave comments on the petition such as "I never listen to KNCO anyway".  Now you can see why these people have no credibility.

The Union Newspaper is a well run newspaper.  It has a bunch of employees and has been a staple of our county since the Civil War.  I certainly had my issues with the paper in the past when I was their favorite target.  But I never said the paper should go under.  The local leftwing buffoons make it clear all the time that if the press doesn't do their bidding, they will boycott, they will inundate the Swift or KNCO owners with threats against the policies and reporting.  Those tactics are fascist and un-American in my view.  I have always agreed with the premise that if you don't like the speech, use more speech.  Don't boycott (unless it is France, LOL).  Why hurt your communities businesses who employ us?

The leftwing in our community and across the country have it all backwards in our free country.  They should take a few of their government supplied dollars and buy a newspaper subscription, a internet connection or a radio (since a radio program is free they shouldn't worry about that cost).  Then they would truly be a part of the community.  But maybe I am being a Pollyanna.  The left wants it all their way in all aspects of our country and when they don't get it, even if it is free, the whine and threaten.  Too bad for them, they are becoming a smaller and smaller voice (yet louder and louder like little kids) and the rest of us are tuning them out. 

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