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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taxes up in California and New York?

HERE is a LA Times story on the agreement between the liberals of their legislature and their liberal Governor to raise taxes on the "rich" and supposedly lower them on the "middle class".  Also, today we have our Governor Jerry Brown, submitting  initiative paperwork to ask the people for a income tax increase and a sales tax increase. So, we have the two largest states, run by the left, getting or wanting to get, into the taxpayers pockets again.

What is it the politicians on the left don't get?  It is the spending stupid!  The American people are being screwed at the national level and the taxpayers at the state level in those run by left.  We get to read about the waste everyday, usually exposed after the fact, like the deal in the LA school district this week, yet there seems to be no urgency to fix things to prevent theft and  misuse of our tax dollars.  So the politicians from Obama down to Moonbeam and Cuomo and their liberal minions look to that bottomless pit of money they think exists to fund their largess.

When added up the tax burden at all levels is said to be approaching 60%.  America was PO'd when the Tea Party in Boston was protesting a two cent tax!  Somehow there is a disconnect with the political class and the hardworking American taxpayers.  The left has decided they can't defend their spending and the lack of oversight of the money so they do the tried and true diversion of changing the subject and making a class of Americans the bad guys.  The so called "rich" are under attack by Obama and the two Governors as people who are not paying their "fairshare" whatever that is.  They top 1% pay about 38% of the federal tax burden and corporations pay taxes and simply pass the burden along in the price of their goods.

Politicians on the left know the "middle class" and the "poor" will pay more regardless if the "rich" are charged more.  They will pay in the loss of jobs for their "class" since labor is a component in the price of doing business.  Labor is the easiest thing to cut in a labor heavy business and the boss is not stupid.  Raise his taxes and he will have to boot some people if the business is to survive.  Politicians on the left though think the employer is simply an extension of a government program to maintain employment rather than a free market business in business to make things.  This spells huge trouble.  The underlying reason America and the capitalistic system exist are in jeopardy by these  leftwing scofflaws.

In California, Brown wants to increase the sales tax again!  It is now the highest in the country but he wants to supposedly take the money and pass it to education.  We have one of the highest per student costs with the lowest results as well as Prop 98 which gives education 40% of the entire budget!  It truly is a bottomless pit of waste but since Brown is beholden to the Teachers unions and the other public employee unions we can expect more of the same.  To show Californians how out of touch with reality the Teachers unions are, they are going to circulate a initiative to get even more money than Brown wants!

As long as the people keep electing the democrats in our state and in New York, as long as liberals/socialists get away with lying to the voter that they are "middle of the road" politicians, we will never solve our fiscal problems.  If Americans are upset with how Greece and the EU are working regarding their economic woes, then it would do us all good to look here at Sacramento and Albany and change the places. AND SOON!

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