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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lamestream Media's phony economuck analysis for Obama

Back when George W. Bush was the Prez, the lamestream media bombarded all of us with one gloomy forecast after another on the economy.  The unemployment rate was under 5 percent, millions of illegals were flooding into America to do the jobs we would not do (LOL) and all sectors were bubbles ready to burst.  Doom and gloom was the order the reporters all got.  No good reviews allowed.  Being in the building industry I can tell you I was so thirsty for good reviews but could never find them

Now since Obama has been the Prez, the lamestreamers do their best to make the true  doom and gloom into a thing of beauty and light.  HERE is a ridiculous Reuters article on the third quarter of the American economy (no mention in depth of the season which always hires many temps for Christmas) .  When I read this crap analysis I was saddened that they are so transparent on their support for a administration that is trashing our country.  Tell me how a new claims number of 366,000 Americans filing for unemployment is a positive thing?  I looked through the whole article for the standard report of new job hiring and it was missing!  Why would that be?

I am no economist yet I can read and have some logic and yet the author of the Reuters story seems to me to even lack the rudimentary ability at basic logic.  I guess these stories are the press attempt at making a silk purse from a sows ear.  America is in deep economic trouble and the press perpetuates their "love" of "der leader" at the demise of common sense!  We must voice our objections to this propaganda.  How revising downward the published growth projections of our GDP (and this happens every time) and the lack of reporting the people who gave up looking for a job  an turning that into a plus for Obama's unemployment rate is truly a mental pretzel farce.

We have been bombarded by the naysayers in the press with bad news during good times when it is a Republican in charge and with good news (contrived) during bad times when a democrat is in charge.  The losers are the people of America who deserve reporting from these scofflaws in charge of the information to be "non-partisan".  There, right back at you media fools.,


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