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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is the earth Eden?

After the kitty woke me up real early this morning I decided what the heck, just get up and start the day.  I made my coffee as usual, read the news on the laptop and watched the first signs of the new day,  The hint of rouge over the trees surrounding my home was gaining strength in the east.  As I stood on my deck facing east I could only wonder, "is the planet really Eden"?

What I mean is, how is it we are the only place in the universe that we know has life?  Just the very fact we are alive should make everyone take pause and thank the Lord for granting us this opportunity of life.  And to be able to think and reason, to record our experiences for the future is also so unique.  What are we doing with this wonderful gift?

I usually don't wax to philosophical but with all the gnashing of teeth and conflicts between people around the planet it appears to me there are a lot of humans who don't realize what a wonderful thing they have received from God.  Even here in America, perhaps the greatest experiment on human "come togetherness" we have people who seem ignorant of their blessings.  We have daily 24/7 reminders from people of different views that humans are weak, combative, controlling and dictatorial.  That is commonplace because most people don't realize there are things greater than them and their education in life and faith is minimal.

Sure, I see and read the negative stuff pour out into the minds of people and it is hard to keep things in perspective sometimes.  Sure there are many people in much worse shape and their surroundings are very difficult and many don't survive to enjoy this thing called life.  But in a general sense, humans make their own problems (even me) and in my opinion is humans can fix their "human" problems.  But to me the bottom line of all this great set of experiments God placed on this little blue marble is to be thankful for the chance to live.  As we celebrate the 2012 birth of the Savior, please keep in mind your blessed existence.


  1. Good thoughts Todd. Wax philosophical any time you feel like it. Life is a blessing and transcendence a joy to contemplate.

  2. Thanks George, it is difficult some says but for the most part I am grateful.

  3. Todd,
    Every morning I wake I thank God for the wounderfull day that I'm about to endever. Weather it be good or bad I know is my choice and God being the true gentalman that he is will not force himself on me. I realize each morning that it is My choice to make weather or not I choose to walk with God. I know every morning I wake it is a true Blessing from our Father God.I do not beleive that earth is Eden. But I do know that one day we will walk through the streets of Eden.
    Debbie R.


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