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Saturday, December 3, 2011

LA Housing Authority Chief fired but receives $1.2 million bucks anyway!

Sample of a Thief
If anyone had any doubt where the Occupy Wall Street-LA protesters should be, it is now known...., at the Housing Authority!  Why would they blame Wall Street when all they need to do is attend a public meeting of the organization that distributes a billion dollars a year.  All state and federal taxpayers money!  Even a fired executive, mainly fired for corruption and mismanagement of the program, can walk away with a lifetime lottery win.  Is it any wonder the regular folks, the Tea Party and all those hardworking folks President Obama is trying to divide by class, are PO'd?  This is a small part of the article and sums up the government corruption regarding the issue of Rudolf Montiel.

"Officials now say that Montiel's contract made it very difficult to fire him without paying him large sums."

So the officials that hired the man (Mayor Villaraigosa too), made up the contract (I am sure drawn up by those smart public lawyers) and actually gave him the severance money knew they were doing a stupid thing!   I think the Board in charge of this travesty should resign immediately and go over to the City of Bell and apply for the City Council. 

HERE is the full article and if you don't understand after reading it how these people could care less about their fiduciary duty regarding the taxpayers money then you need to move to Greece. These kinds of contracts for public servants can be multiplied by the thousands across the state and the whole country.  I look at Nevada City and what they are paying and they actually get my nod of thanks and approval.  The City Manager makes $48,000 a year.  That is about 15 days of the severance package for this LA scofflaw.

America had been fleeced of our hard earned money and yet Obama and Jerry Brown want us to overlook the waste they create and have us reach down into our pockets and give them more.  Well, with these kinds of examples I say NO!   Thank you Congressional Republicans, thank you State Legislative Republicans, thanks to Tom McClintock, Dan Logue and Doug LaMalfa. Thank you all for saying  no to more taxes and saying yes to government accountability.  With these kinds of rip-offs of taxpayers money (and we have over 800 non-profits in Nevada County)America cannot last.  California is on the rocks and this little story of $1.2 million dollars is the tip of the iceberg.


  1. Yes, you're part of the advantaged group in America, and the group that has benefitted the most from government policies. Therefore, you owe a little more than those who are not so fortunate. . You, me, and everyone else in this nation contributed to our excess and deficits, and therefore everyone now needs to chip in to help. Those with the most chips in the most. Its clearly the American Way and Patriotism in its greatest example.

  2. So you appear to have no opinion on the post?


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