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Monday, December 19, 2011

Another brave man passes, Vaclav Havel age 75

Back in 1989 when I was a County Supervisor, I got to watch the the demise of the Soviet empire as we all did.  I recall the "wall" coming down and the domino effect across the countries of Eastern Europe as the people, subjugated by the force of arms and terror of the USSR and its puppet rulers were tossed out of power.  In the place of the puppet rulers there were some standout reformers and freedom loving nationalists who came to power.

Vaclav Havel was one of them and I remember him even from some years before he became the Czech President.  He was a reformer, a very outspoken and brave man who defied the thugs of the communist state.  He wanted to taste the freedom he saw in the west and he wanted it for his country.  HERE is a BBC article about his passing this month and it just covers the bare minimum of the impact this man had in the overthrow of communism in Europe. This excerpt is a good example of the personal courage of the man and dogmatic personality he exhibited for the freedom he sought for Czechoslovakia.

"During the first week of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, Havel provided a commentary on the events on Radio Free Czechoslovakia in Liberec. Following the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968 he was banned from the theatre and became more politically active. He was forced to take a job in a brewery, an experience he wrote about in his play Audience."

So when the whole Warsaw Pact sent in troops to squash the little glimmer of freedom sought by the little dinky country, Havel and the others from the Prague Spring of 1968, (the year I graduated from high school) who the communists did not "liquidate" bided their time.  Along with Lech Walesa in Poland and many other unnamed hero's of the slaves behind the "Iron Curtain" Havel was what I consider a true hero.

In America, somehow people like Barack Hussein Obama are lionized by our press as some sort of hero.  This is absurd.  There is no "Berlin Wall", their is no Warsaw Pact tank, their is no outside danger and enslavement by a ideology of paranoia as was/is communism.  Obama is truly lucky to be in America and in my opinion, he should get down on his knees and thank the sort of people like Havel and Walesa for their personal sacrifices for that which Obama and even the rest of us in America, take for granted.

Vaclav Klaus, the second Czech Republics president will handle the funeral for Havel. Klaus is another Czech hero too.  I have written about him and read his book on the hoax of global warming caused by humans.  He has been trying to remind others for many years now that AGW is simply another way to enslave people and since he too was enslaved by the communists, he knows what he is talking about.

We are losing many important people who have sacrificed to make the planet a better place.  We must not forget people like Havel and we should teach our children that it is not just about them and there are people who put it all on the line in the face of power and cruelty.  We must never forget the lessons the communist thugs have taught us all.  People like Havel stood up t the thugs and the world is a better place
for their sacrifice for freedom. God Bless him.

HERE is a link from today, 12-20-2011 of a video on his viewing.  I am still having a hard time finding much if any stories in the American media.

As a post script to the absurdity of the lamestream press.  Last night I watched a lengthy CNN report on the death on the little twerp, Kim Jong Il of North Korea. The leader of the most repressive slave state on the planet.  I did not see one lengthy CNN report on Havel.  If anyone does, please let me know.


  1. I always find it amusing that the right sees liberals (Havel) and unions (Solidarity) as heroes, as long as they are in communist countries.

  2. Why is that so unusual. the "progressives" in communist countries truly are progressives. Communism and fascism are the ultimate evils and anyone that fights them is my friend.

    Here in this country, the liberal and the union are way left of the guiding principals of freedom as we have written them in our founding documents and like Andy Stern and Hoffa have exclaimed, "capitalism" is their enemy. It doesn't take much gray matter to figyre that out..

  3. BTW, aren't you the one that has little use for partisanship? So now when someone praises someone of the other side you seem to be "amused".

  4. Hi Todd, here is a little example of what we were talking about today:


  5. Yes I agree the BBC article was the bare minimum. Watch this to see the interviews with Vaclav Havel - in them he has said very interesting things about being courageous. There is a password to be requested first, but right now it does not cost any money to get it and watch the entire movie. The Havel sections are in Czech not English but English subtitles are provided.


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