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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1, 2011 Rants

Two more months and we are in the last year of our planet, or maybe the last year of humans, according to the Mayans.  Only the environmentalists who think humans are a cancer on the earth will be rejoicing.  I kind of like being here and alive since we are the only lifeforms with a noggin. We think we are the only ones in the whole universe (sort of like the great line from the movie The Highlander).  By the way, what happened to those Mayans, anyway?

2012 will be a tumultuous election year and perhaps the people of America will make some changes.  2010 the Republicans retook the House of Representatives and over 650 state legislative seats in a massive detour from socialism.  Americans had allowed the democrats to have the Congress in 2007 and 08, then gave them the White House too in 2008.  With almost a super majority, the democrats became giddy and actually showed America what they were really all about.  America didn't like it.  Now the "right" must convince Americans to give them the reins and if they do they better do things "right" or their sorry butts will be booted.

Obama and his lackeys are traipsing all over the country, mostly in so-called "battleground" states and spewing their BS about his "jobs" program.  I call it a not-so-transparent tax hike on the country but that is just me I guess.  I have yet to see a democrat actually follow through on a promise of smaller government and lower taxes so over the years I simply don't believe anything they say.  HERE is a article on Hilda Solis's appearance in a Florida democrat gathering this week.  She attacked republicans of course but in a show of how little class these democrats have, referred to the Tea Party as "tea baggers".  She did not get the response she thought she would and she should be spanked for her indiscretion.  The gathering of mostly union employees, government union employees, was not to impressive.  Even they know the money has run out because of terrible Obama economic policies.''

California was glad to see Hilda Solis leave the legislature since she helped really screw up our state, but our joy was muffled by her screwing up the whole country.  We need to disband all  government employee unions ASAP and return our staff to one of merit.  The deadwood is huge and since they already have civil service, to me they are already under protection from the vagaries of performance employment.  Besides, they seem to be making a lot more money and benefits than their like-jobbed equals in the private sector.  That is a problem that needs repair or there will be a national effort to remove civil service and boot the unions.

The lamestream media has been so biased that they are now making the slobbering love affair with Obama in his first run for President look like a simple crush.  They are beginning to carry his water again and if not for FOX News, talk radio and Internet outlets, the American people would be unable to get both sides.  Haven't heard much from the left lately about "equal time" have we?  They were all aflutter on the left when the conservatives were gaining strength, but now that the lamestream media is doing the left's bidding, all is quiet. 

California is committing suicide by a thousand cuts/laws, and that is just this year!  After a liberal Arnold left the Governors office, we knew it would get even worse when Jerry Brown took over.  We were not disappointed.  This is the same JB who started suing cities and counties to include "global warming" elements in their General Plans!  As if our poor state didn't have enough rules and regulations!  The economy is in the tank yet there has been no effort as far as I can tell to throw out stupid laws.  What fascinates me too is not only does our legislature pass laws our court system does too!  I thought judges were there too decide on a law, not make them.  One only needs to look at and use decisions in California to see how that CEQA law has been morphed by judges into a massive legal industry of "cant's.  And our Supreme Court of California was one of the worst on property rights anywhere in the country.  And it was a Republican court for most of the last thirty years!

Locally, our little county has a higher than statewide unemployment.  When we were building in the last decade (about the only real decent jobs) the county had a lower than state average.  But when a county has morphed into one that can't even do a timber harvest or dig or dredge a bit of gold, you see what happens.  The state laws on timber harvests, as well as ridiculous federal "management" plans for our national forests, have destroyed the industry that was a real renewable one.  Spotted owls, wolverines and red legged frogs among other things, oh an elderberry beetles that don't even live here, have to be studied under great cost before a tree can be harvested or a bridge can be built.  We have studied every little thing so many times we should be the smartest people on earth!  But no, regardless of how many times a study is conducted on a timber harvest or a mining project or even a tire shop, we need more studies.  Insanity.

Politics here in our state will be pretty much a democrat hegemonic endeavor after the redistricting this year.  I recall asking the Panel in Auburn ;last May if they could be sued.  They all laughed and said no.  Well, after they were highjacked by the democrats and the lines drawn to give a generational advantage to the democrats, almost a super majority (some say it will be), they were sued numerous times.  Of course, the judges have been throwing out the suits because they were brought by Republicans.  The value of true Constitutionally motivated judges is truly apparent.

Locally, I hear all kinds of scuttlebutt about who is running for what and until I see the 25 valid signatures on the candidate forms filed by 5 PM on the last day I will simply nod my head.  My guess is there will be a lot of folks doing what we do best in our political process.  Run baby run, the more the merrier.


  1. California unemployment (sept) 11.4 percent
    Nevada County (sept) 10.2 percent
    Did you even look it up?

  2. Since government employment is the largest single employer in Nevada County I do not use the government numbers. We all know the private sector employment is much higher than posted. Our neighbor Yuba County has a posted 18% unemployment and it is a heavily ag county.

  3. For instance, there are about 50,000 people employed living in Nevada County and yet only 29,000 in the private sector. You do the math.

  4. Nevada County also has about the largest percentage of retirees in the State, ergo your math. How can you not count government employees? Its an incredibly important sector of our region.

  5. That is the published number of private sector employees not mine. My point is the private sector creates the jobs and creates the wealth. The public sector jobs, other than safety positions, are tax takers. There are many fine people and I have many friends in the public sector. It should be apparent to anyone the system will collapse with such a huge percentage on public sector jobs and pensions. Rules and regulations seem to take a lot of people to enforce them.

  6. Nah, you don't need no facts, do ya?
    You were wrong. You assumed something without actually looking it up. And now that it's pointed out, you dismiss the facts as not real.
    Why would anyone find you in the least bit credible with that kind of mentality?
    Best of luck with that.

  7. Nevada County population 50,000?
    Try 98,764 per the 2010 Census.

  8. Read it again fool. That is 50,000 employed. Sheesh!


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