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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Iowa OWS wants to do what their mommas and papas did in Chicago 68'

Since the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is sputtering all over the land they are apparently planning a resurgence by attacking Republicans running for the Presidency.  In Iowa and I am convinced, other places in America, these so called "protesters" of people who actually work and contribute to the economy, have decided to utilize the fawning press even more than they have been able to do already.  Even the local paper here, the Union, ran a large story on the mess in Oakland OWS and even listed other goings on in other cities by their local OWS "protesters".  Now, remind me if I am not remembering but I don't think I ever saw that kind of reporting of the Tea Party?

All these AP stories of the OWS are so glowing and lovely.  All is well and no one is attacked, no women raped or assaulted, no thefts, no trash and pooping on a police car?  No, if you only read the lamestream media you would think these OWS nuts were all practicing a "Ozzie and Harriet" lifestyle and strategy.  Thank goodness for FOX News and the Internet.  We get to see the balanced truth.

Anyway, a leftwing media group called "The National Memo" is reporting the Iowan OWS will be attacking the campaign offices to disrupt the political process a week before the Iowa Caucuses in January. HERE is the article.  What I gather from reading this is the  OWS will be doing a Chicago 68' to the Republicans.  Of course when the leftwing did it in Chicago it was done during the democrats  Presidential Convention.  We saw the violence the left is capable of and it destroyed the Humphrey candidacy and Nixon won big.  I think they are going to try the same thing.

These  anti-capitalist scofflaws will probably start some violence and hope it escalates to somehow slime the Republicans.  It won't work even though the AP and the other lamestream media will try and make it so.  Americans enjoy free speech and free assembly.  We don't like violence by protesters. If these OWS nuts commit violence, it will rub off on their simpatico buddies, the democrats.  Republicans will not be blamed.

Reading the story in the leftwing publication, I came away with the impression these scofflaws  want to disrupt the Caucus' but are really a bunch of leftwing "anarchists".  Remember Seattle and the 99' WTO riots?  Or other places in Europe?  These are the same tactics used to trash Seattle.  Hollywood actually made a sympathetic move about the riots there committed by these leftwing anarchists.  In my opinion these people are looking for publicity but it won't work the way they think it will.  America will not like them disrupting our political process this way and the democrats will get blamed.  Maybe that is a good thing.  Ummm. Well maybe?


  1. Todd, good report. I think many would appreciate it if you tracked the Iowa OWS people and report on their plans for the Iowa caucuses. gjr

  2. Perhaps if there wasn't such a massive wealth and income chasm in this country we wouldn't be seeing the popular OWS in thousands of locales around the nation. Don't see this movement going away until the government recognizes and takes steps to change this.

  3. So is the wealth differential you say there is a raw dollar deferential? Or is it a "stuff" differential?


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