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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The mandingo affect?

Herman Cain
Does she have the mandingo affect?
While watching Nigel Innis on FOX news this morning  defending his personal friend Herman Cain, he used the term "mandingo" and it brought back a distant memory of a movie starring a black ex-boxer, Ken Norton. I remember seeing it and it was quite a racy film when it came out in 1975.  It was one person's view on the abuse of slavery and how a "white" woman fantasized about a black man in a sexual sense.  It was of course highly controversial.
What the movie did though was place the term mandingo into the culture.  Under people's breathe they used it to perpetrate racism.  Both black and white.  I remember the term but I must say I never have used it as I have never used the "N" word.  They are despicable terms but there it was this morning.  Used by a black man, a conservative black man, as his view of all these white women trying to smear his friend.

I have heard there are as many fantasies about sex as there are people.  If Nigel is right, this would be the latest tool of the leftwing to take out anyone they want because the voyeuristic media "journalists" just can't help themselves.  I think most of them are uptight anyway, you know, tighty whities are in a bunch, to quote a fifth grader slight.  It seems this way to take out a conservative black man is now used in place of the old "racism" strategy used by the left.

I have yet to choose a candidate for my party so it is not the issue for me.  It is an issue of fairness.  I think the voyeur media, what I call the new "peeping Toms" are out of control and are trashing Herman Cain as Nigel said, because of the "mandingo" affect on white women.  This riles the racists in society without claiming to be a racist.  Pretty smart of the left.  Obama's ex chief of staff Axelrod apparently lives or lived in the same apartment building of the Bialek woman.  And as I write this ditty, another woman has come forward and claimed she was asked by Cain to set up a dinner with a woman so they could further a conversation from a meeting a number of years ago.  This new accuser works in the Obama administration.  This is truly a disgusting turn of events in our once great country


  1. I think you meant "Nigel" instead of "Niger" at the beginning of the second paragraph; one more letter and your game of clever race baiting Russian roulette would have been blown.

    Incognito 2.0

  2. No race baiting here, that is your ilk's way.


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