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Monday, November 7, 2011

Duke Lacrosse players in reverse

We now have a Chicago resident, the city of Barack Obama and his retired Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, now the Chicago Mayor, as the latest accuser of Occupy Cain.  I think we have a reverse Duke Lacrosse scam and it may go right up to the top of the White House.  Watch and listen to this babe from Chicago and then decide if you could actually believe her BS.

When I watched and listened to her (I did not listen to Gloria Allred, the ambulance chasing celebrity seeking lawyer) I was struck by how phony all this sounded.  She was reading from a script for one thing.  If a person is so traumatized that person can certainly speak without assistance.  What that says to me is it was written by someone else and she delivered it poorly.

No, these people are part of a Obama/Emmanuel conspiracy in my estimation.  Besides, why wouldn't that idea be any different than a woman making such a ridiculous claim as this woman.  Her name by the way is
Sharon Bialek, pronounce by Allred phonetically as bi-o-lick!

Herman Cain is being piled on for what must be a news lynching of him.  His character is being ruined and we all know it is very difficult to ever get that back.  Cain in all his years of work, running companies and having many employees never had anything like this ever happen.  All the other women interviewed who worked with Cain have said there is no way any of this could possibly be true. Well, when the left (and the lamestream media) wants to ensure only one black man running for the highest office it is a readily available tool for the slimey left.  I still would like the lamestream media to tell us about William Ayers and Tony Resco. I won't hold my breathe.


  1. If the guy is a serial scumbag who can't keep his ego infested hands off subordinates, WHO CARES about his years in business, work ethic. Sexual harrassment is not consentual. To compare this to William Ayers is strange and totally irrelevant.

    Cain is toast. But at least not Texas Toast like his fellow wingnut. Bye Bye Herman, we hate to see you go!

  2. Wrong once again Todd. I did not make the above post. When I post here I use my full name... got it?

  3. The ones that got the money said his actions and words were not necessarily of a sexual manner. At least this one gives them what they are looking for. Weird how these allegations seem so much more serious than the ones that paid off. But she must be credible because we all know that any "republican' would go to Gloria Allred first to reveal all this.

    Oh, and I am sure this will pay off also!

  4. Anyone with the sense GOD gave geese, should be able to see this smear job for what it is. After all this time NO tangible evidence. And this woman that shows up today with the wicked witch of the Left. And it appears all she has is "her word". Not good enough. She can crawl back under the rock she came from.

  5. She doesn't sound credible at all and I have actually met these types of gold diggers in my life. Total fabricated story looking for money.


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