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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adios Barney, we won't miss ya!

Barney Frank, an 18 term Congressman from a historically safe, gerrymandered district in Massachusetts, announced his "retirement" yesterday (I bet he is a lobbyist next year after retirement).  All I can say is HALLELUJAH!  He is a pompous ass and I just could not understand how someone so acidic could represent the folks.  HERE is a article by Karl Rove regarding his view of Barney Frank and I totally agree with his assessment.

What is interesting to me about the left is, even here in the local liberal blogosphere, their crying and gnashing of teeth about Frank's departure announcement.  Frank was a mean, nasty person who was consistently given a pass by a mean nasty leftwing media.  Even though Frank had a homosexual escort service based out of his house, the press gave him a pass.  Even though he had a homosexual lover who was a part of the mortgage giant Fannie Mae, the press gave him a pass. (juxtapose their fascination with Herman Cain).  Even though Frank resisted any reforms  of Fannie Mae and Freddie  Mac starting in 2003 the lamestream media gave him a total pass. Even though as Chairman of the Finance Committee he received huge amounts of campaign money from those he was supposed to be regulating, the lamestream gave him a pass,

So, we can see why Barney Frank was  of the mindset that he could do and get away with just about anything and the people of his district would keep voting him into office.  Now we see the real reasons he is quitting (thank goodness).  He got a redistricted Congressional seat!  He also had a tough challenger last time and he was no longer the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  These are the reasons he is leaving in my opinion. 

Congressmen like Barney Frank are a cancer on the body politic.  No matter how toxic a liberal is, the lamestream media, bloggers of the socialist bent, even our local leftwingnut bloggers will always support them.  People like Barney Frank are  dinosaurs and the regular folks are not going to put up with them any longer.  The protection of the lamestream and liberals is cracking up.

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