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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

John F. Kennedy, 35th President

HERE is the Wiki on the tragedy that took place November 22, 1963.  I was thirteen and school was in session.  It was a terrible day.


  1. I was 10 years old and at school when the principal came into the classroom, tears running down her face, and announced what had happened. We soon had a television on the teacher's desk and spent the rest of the day watching CBS's coverage (The only station that served my hometown was a CBS affiliate.) Until the funeral was done I, my family, and friends did little more than watch the coverage. There was simply nothing else to do.

  2. Same here. We had an assembly called by the Principal and it was announced. There was shrieking in pain by many of ther teaches. I recall the caisson with the caskettraveling up Pennsylvanis Avenue. The salute by the son. The tears and somber look of Jacqueline. A terrible time.


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