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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mario Guanero means guano in Spanish!

The beginning of guano
There is a phony baloney calling him/serh-self, Mario Guanero doing a series of hit posts on me on another local blog and I must say, the person certainly seems to be unhinged.  Our country spawns these "pop" psychologists by the dozen and they always try to impress us with their big words and "in-depth" analysis of our motivations.  Of course, these people are simply cowards because they hide behind phony names and email addresses.

This particular person has even posted here on this blog under a different moniker and seems to be following me around the blogosphere, chastising and accusing me of being a meanie!  Now, what is that little ditty we all learned when we were kidlets?  Oh, yeah, "words can never hurt me"....or something like that.  What is interesting to me about these pop psychologists is they never look in the mirror but are always prepared, on a moments notice, to tell the world about their oppositions deepest darkest reasons for the way the act, talk and deal with life.  What a hoot!

The fact that Mario Guanero, aka Mr./Mrs. Guano (bird/bat crap in reality) feels the need to follow me around and discuss me with others is because I am effective.  It is my experience in life and in political discourse a person attacks and  inflates subtleties about someone because they are afraid the message of those they attack will relegate them, the attacker, to anonymity and irrelevance.  That is what has happened to Guano.  He/she thinks he/she knows something about me and my personal life which when I read the screeds of this troll I can see he/she doesn't.  But making the allegations, whatever they may be, is a liberal loon attack method which has become well known and discredited in our society.

These trolls use the techniques because it used to be the allegations were more important than the actual truth and the lamestream media would beat someone to death with them and the person would bow out of whatever they were involved in.  This is being done to ermanH Cain, Rick Perry and now Newt Gingrich.  It was used by liberals to attack Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin and many other conservatives.  The liberals had free reign but now that is drying up.

The reason loons like this Guano character don't use their real name is because they can't.  When telling falsehoods and using innuendo it is best to be hard to find because they could be sued for slander.  We see this technique from the left all the time.  Well, a few have now been successfully sued for lying about others and were made to pay up big time.  I am honored to see that I still drive these loons from the left daffy enough to birth people like Mario Guanero time after time.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, even Mr./Mrs. Guano!


  1. Dear Todd

    You seem to have implied over on George's blog that Mr. Guanero could be me, Steve Frisch. I think I have proved quite clearly that I am willing to call you on being the lying, dissembling, angry, misogynist, bigot, leech that you are to your face.

    Please do me the kindness of demanding a retraction for this libel over at George's.

    And have a happy thanksgiving.

    Steven Frisch

  2. Frisch, I have no idea what you are talking about. Bur since you are a lying, sycophantic leech on the taxpayer with a large dose of body fat, I can understand why you would upset. Any discussion of guano hits you too close to home it appears.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving bubba.

  3. Since you can't figure out how to write while you tell us just how "SMart" (LOL!!!) you really are.....

    I wonder when the liable lawsuit get finished, if you'll have enough to pay back the taxpayers for the amount you leached off the Federal Government?

    Happy Thanksgiving Bubba is right!

    M. Mooers

  4. No taxpayers money so perhaps you are committing liable. Hmmm. You seem to be the bubba of green crops from NSJ and you really aren't very smart. But when the smoke clears it is still a beautiful day. See you in court.

    This is fun!

  5. Perhaps this is what I am taking about you moron:

    Mario Guanero is not a real person but a moniker of a Steve. No response necessary.

    Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 23 November 2011 at 05:02 PM

    Steve Frisch

  6. Did I use your last name you hubric moron? No, but your fat ego is as large as your girth it appears. Why don't you lib ego maniacs stick to the topic of the posts? Oh, you can't? I noticed you did no response on my posting of your tax returns which exposed your lies.

  7. No one could doubt what you meant when you said "a Steve" you idiot. It is an accusation against both me and ENOS. Anyone reading this blog would see you have made this accusation on several occasions against both of us. It is patently untrue--as I said I will call you an a$$ to you face, any day.

    None of your conclusion regarding my organizations tax returns are accurate. Every single thing I posted over at Rebane's is 100% true. Yet you insist on leaping to completely unsupported conclusions--pure paranoid speculations on your part--and libeling me and my organization.

    You are scum, Todd. Pure scum.

    Steve Frisch

  8. Look you pompous moron, an embarrassment to all business people. You just need to stay on your meds since your weight must be causing high blood pressure.

    I posted your returns you fool, you have been busted!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Looks like this Guano character is the new slanderous liberal on the block. He/she is over at Rebanes blog whining he is being picked on. Liberals are such wimps.


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