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Monday, October 31, 2011

Strange bedfellows of the OWS movement

I saw this story and the attached video and was I surprised!  We get the mainstream media's take on these protesters and it is a skewed view.  This video was a Internet type interview of a man dressed in camo in the Arizona  OWS rally and if one looked through the lens of the lamestream media you would assume he was there to harass the OWS protesters.  Well he says he was there to protect them!  He stated their Second Amendment protects the First Amendment.  The interviewer was a fellow who believes the "dollar" as made today is a counterfeit and it appears to me he must be a Ron Paul supporter.

The America political landscape is so interesting to me.  The fellow "JT" is exercising his rights to bear arms and he seemed very peaceful, but prepared.  I do not attach myself to any of these people but am simply pointing out the diversity of political opinions and in some cases the similarities.   Strange bedfellows?  You decide.

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