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Sunday, October 30, 2011

China's people are protesting taxes and government corrpution

Well well well.  It appears there may be some growing pains going on in the nation run by those commies in Mao suits.  No, they have on Brooks Brothers now, those "leaders" of 1.5 billion people.  But wait!  The Nirvana of communism is ripping a bit at the seams.  Millions of people have moved to the cities of China looking for a better life and when they get there they find a overarching government run at the end of a gun. 

HERE is a news story I found eye opening since in my view (and George W. Bush's view too) humans all over the planet share a yearning for personal freedom and liberty.  China's official "news" mouthpiece does not report unrest in their people as most countries in the "west" do.  I suppose those authorities are afraid the "silent majority" of China just might rise up and throw their sorry asses out of power.  So, the authorities keep protests, or as the Chinese call them, "mass incidents" out of the news to maintain the "peace" only a communist or totalitarian country can love.

China has been a country for about 3-4 thousand years and in all that time the regular folks were always the vassals of the powerful.  The canon fodder for countless wars and construction projects.  Well, now with all the ways to learn about freedom on this planet, I would say the Chinese folks will soon be realizing they far outnumber their masters and they may take things into their own hands.  When a person is making a bread making machine and earning ten cents and can't afford the bread maker for themselves, then things start changing.

I remember when I was  growing up and every so often in the paper or a news magazine the authors would do a comparison of the buying power of a person in America and the USSR.  A car would take us  maybe six months here but ten years in the USSR.  Even a loaf of bread would only take s 10 minutes of work where it would take two days in the communist  utopia.  We saw what happened to the USSR didn't we?  After Gorbachev visited the USA and toured a supermarket, he told someone, and It became widely reported, that his country was toast because the USA had 100 types of cheese on its shelves, or something like that.

China is restless and its people want a better life.  They are beginning to experience "capitalism" and they are enjoying the fruits of it comforts.  It won't be long before they have a Constitution to match ours in my view.  How could a people not want more of what makes the  life they live, better?

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