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Saturday, October 29, 2011

More racist leftwing drivel

I knew the left was a bunch of lousy race baiters and race hustlers and thank goodness these scofflaws from leftville never disappoint,  This babe demeans Herman Cain and all Republicans by making the outrageous statement in this video from an interview on MSNBC.  That a person would even consider themselves qualified to assess Herman Cain's veracity shows us all the arrogance and "uppidtiness" of a liberal. 

It is so telling in our culture that the only ones discussing people in regards to their race are the liberals.  I have been paying attention to these leftwingnut scofflaws and their race talk for many years.  They are the only ones talking this way.  When a Republican or a conservative say anything about race it is only in response to some lefty's outrageous comment.  No honey, we Republicans like Herman Cain for reasons other than his color.  We agree with Martin Luther King Jr. a registered Republican, who said we should judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  He actually said he hoped someday we all would do that.  Well, we Republicans have lived by his words and you liberal are still in the "plantation" mentality.

I have yet to decide who I am going to support, (I like Newt and Cain), but I can tell you liberal racists this, believe me when I say America has passed you dinosaurs by about race.  We don't care for your racist talk anymore and my advice to you is too just shut-up!  You continue to divide but we on the right know your game and we aren't playing anymore.

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