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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Redistricting Referendum Filed

California is a political mess.  It is a mess because the left was able to hijack the process pf government and impose its vision on the state and its people (how's that working out for you?).  Sometimes the socialists running things, those lovelies under the Dome of Imbecility in Sacramento, overreach.  When that angers enough people the people turn to the initiative or referendum process.  We now have seen the left hijack our redistricting process to further isolate opposition to the democrat hegemony of our political process and representation.  The following is from Ballotpedia regarding the filing against the "We Draw the Lines" crowd.

"On Tuesday the Attorney General reported that a referendum was filed to overturn the Congressional map approved by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. The measure was filed by Julie Vandermost and Charles Bell.
Also this week, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission asked the Attorney General and Secretary of State to alter the petition wording because commissioners believe it is "misleading." The commission also contends that even if successful, the referendum would not require revised maps to be drawn immediately since the California Supreme Court could allow the commission's districts to be used provisionally through next year's elections.
Among the early supporters of the referendum to withdraw the Senate map are former Governor Pete Wilson and State Senate Minority Leader Bob Dutton. Five other GOP senators immediately contributed more than $5,000 to the referendum group Fairness and Accountability in Redistricting (FAIR):
I am proud f our State Senator, Doug LaMalfa, for contributing to the cause.  The Commission has redrawn our districts in Northern California against the wishes of its people.  It is similar in other parts of the state and now it appears the only way to try and fix the mess is by referendum of the action.  Interestingly, since the left has total control here in the state, they are even submitting proposals to remove or hinder the initiative referendum and recall laws.  And I thought the left was fore the "people".  I guess that was all hot air too.

There is one for the State Senate redraw coming soon as well.

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