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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Estonia in the lens of Rick Steve's camera

I only caught the last few minutes of his 1/2 hour in Estonia but it was chock full of good information about the country.  HERE is a essay by Steve's on his  Estonia visit.  I'll be quick with my opinion on what I saw in those few minutes.

The people of Estonia gathered at the amphitheater in Tallinn in 1988 to show the overlords of the USSR their desire for freedom.  One third of the country, 300,000 people gathered to SING!  The USSR had invaded took over the country against their will of course, and subjugated them as modern day slaves.  Any artist who deviated from the socialist dogma, that is, a artist who didn't want to paint a poster or picture  celebrating the slavemasters view, were sent to Siberia.  The only major hotel in Tallinn where foreigners stayed was called  the hotel made of microphones and concrete by the residents.  They said the KGB had made the hotel from 60% concrete and 40% microphones.

Last was a short look into the Tallinn museum.  Mainly showing things the Estonians wanted to show.  The best part though was the statues of the communist leaders like Kruschev to Gorbachev had been moved.  Moved to the basement and the centerpieces of the restrooms.  Very appropriate wouldn't you say?

There was always a desire for freedom by the Estonians which was never overcome by the tyrants from Moscow.  They wanted all the same things we take for granted here in America.  They eventually prevailed, those million people, because socialism/communism cannot survive in a world made up of people like these Estonians.  Americans should wake up, well many have, to the possibility that what the Estonians experienced could happen here.  Americans need to be vigilant about allowing big government and a nanny state to become a reality. I think I'll order the DVD.


  1. Todd, let me know the name of the program (DVD) when you find out. Good post (but then, I'm biased).

    For your readers interested in more on Estonia, the 'My Story' section on Ruminations has a snootful of my own experiences and travels.

    But, the bottom line is that for those of us who have experienced socialism and tyranny up close and personal, all this blather by the national left is just that. We have the greatest country here; let's do all we can to keep it. gjr

  2. Thanks George, you can follow the link in the story to Rick Steve's website where you can buy the DVD. I still can't understand how dense a lefty is regarding their philosophy but maybe they were just dropped on their heads as infants. They are try try again numbskulls.


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