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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Democrats are coming into our home to regulate your babysitter. Ammiano is a sick democrat ASSemblyman.

This crazy bill was on the democrat express for a fast track according to the CBS LA story on August 31. HERE is the story. HERE is the FOX News story. I got the story today from  the CNN website and I have been searching for an update.  I haven't found one yet but if this gets to the Governor's desk I hope he has enough sense to veto the stupid thing.

I see that our State Senator Doug LaMalfa has led the charge against it.  It truly is a great example of why California has been called by other Americans from other states as the land of the fruits and the nuts. This is why California is a mess.  12% unemployment and monstrous regulations at all levels of our lives (mostly self inflicted by our states democrats) and the best we get is regulating babysitters!  HERE is the bill text for anyone who cares.  I am expecting a check from my kids when I babysit their kids.  Maybe I can make enough to pay for the shot of whiskey I'll need when they go home.  Just kidding!  So, read it and then all can see why we have to throw these kinds of idiots out from under the kiddie dome in Sacramento.  God help us!

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