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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Second Amendment big winner in Colorado recall of two major democrat legislators

Colorado has become a bitter disappointment by becoming a democrat controlled state.  Just as we have seen in California, democrats ruin the place.  Well, after the democrat legislature and democrat governor signed a set of gun laws into place this year, they became targets of those who are supporters of the Second Amendment.

Here is a part of an article from the HuffPost on the results and note the money disparity.  Democrats outspent the citizens 6-1 and they lost.  People power.

"New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of stricter gun laws, donated $350,000 to Morse and Giron. Billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad gave a separate $250,000 check to help the legislators, while Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) repeatedly issued fundraising calls for Giron in emails to her supporters. The Denver Post reported Monday that those in Morse and Giron's corner had collected nearly $3 million, while proponents of the recall raised about $540,000."

HERE is the whole article. HERE is the Denver Post article.

The turnout was low but it my experience the results would probably reflect the numbers if all voters came out.  Michael Bloomberg, the democrat turned republican turned Indie (spent $100 million to be mayor of New York) took as big a hit in Colorado as he did in court over soda pop.  He is a billionaire nanny man and maybe he should just go back into stocks where he knows what he is doing.

I see these local and state races as signals about American voters moods and feelings about things bigger than themselves.  The state of Colorado was once a pioneer/cowboy state and now it isn't.  Too many liberals from California and other lefty states have moved there and brought with them their attitudes and votes.  What the recall said was wait a minute, we still like our guns, we like to hunt, we want to be able to protect ourselves and families.  We want you out of our lives regarding this Constitutional right.  The democrats failed to listen and now they get a taste of what those union backed recalls felt when they got their asses kicked in Wisconsin last year.

Regular Americans prize certain things.  Once liberals prized freedom and had truly progressive ideas that made the country better (Justice Louis Brandeis is one of my heroes).  But they lost their way and have turned America into "wimp-land", a nanny state of Bloombergs.  Telling everyone what is best for them in their view, not the citizens view.  I think maybe there is starting to be some push back and these do-gooders are going to taste some more defeats.  America is a unique place.  It has been a great experiment in individuals coming together under a Constitution (our contract with each other) that made you and me something more than cannon fodder.  We are all important because we are unique individual human beings. Protected for most of our country's existence from the overreach of government rules and regulations.  We had just enough rules to allow us our freedom but also protection.

Over my lifetime I have seen the steady erosion of individual rights.  Mostly because legislators need something to do I guess so they pass all the rules their little pea-brains can come up with.  Always testing the limits of our Constitution and what people will accept without revolting.  We saw the reaction of real American patriots when the democrats controlled our US Senate and House and Obama signed Obamacare without one Republican vote.  When the left takes control they tend to shove all their desires for controlling others right down everyone's throats.  California and New York (all New England for the matter) are the best current examples.  I read today our state just passed strict gun control measures.  They never listen

America is cohesive though but under tremendous duress.  When you have Obama and his ass kissers like Pelosi and Harry Reid and the Congressional Black Caucasians (as Rush would say), when you have Jerry Brown and his "super majority" legislators immune from any input from the opposition, you see what we get (boys and girls in each others showers at school).  I believe these little victories for the Constitution and patriotism will begin to grow and we can take back our country from the misguided left.  Many people across the country, thanks to the Tea Party and recalls like Colorado just had, are going to pursue truth, justice and the American way.  Just wait and see.


  1. When is your move to rural Colorado? Those are some very strange counties out there, once you get out of the Denver/Boulder environs.

  2. My sister is there and I'll stay here. Not strange counties but American counties. Unlike your favorites in coastal California and New York.

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