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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Speaker Boehner introduces his Job ideas, overshadows Obama's plan

Well now, finally!  Louie Gohmert, Congressman from Texas submitted his jobs bill a few days ago (using the title Obama was using but no democrat would pick up), and now we have the Speaker outlining his plan HERE today. Go to the top right and watch the video.  The difference I see is the difference between a socialist, Obama, and a free market capitalist, Boehner.  It has to really be a DNA difference.  Obama wants a Stimuli 2 while Boehner wants to free Americans from overreaching government control.  Night and day, salt and pepper.

So, the Speaker wants to cut taxes for all corporations and lower the individual rate as well.  He wants to overhaul regulation and stop the 200 plus new regulations (some costing us some think, 90 billion dollars) and let America be free again!  Obama, just the opposite.  Obama has been traipsing around the country speaking in the most infantile way which in my view is demeaning the Presidency.  He is still blaming Bush for goodness sakes!  Perhaps he had what liberals call, arrested development when it come to maturity.  It is simply embarrassing. 

The facts are easy to see and read.  The government has become BIG MOMMA!.  We must clear our actions with her before we proceed.  I actually don't just blame Obama though.  It has been going on for a long time and now it has reached the point where a President, already predisposed to big government is in charge! The Republicans for instance voted 238-187 to reprimand the National Labor Relations Board from every forcing a company to shut down when they want to move inside America.  Now that is my kind of law!  But I digress. 

We have reached that so-called "tipping point" here in America.  Government is out of control.  Even here in little Nevada County with Police from the Cosmetology Board, the Restaurant Division and on and on.  We are all in some way, a lawbreaker now because our government at all levels down to a special district, has passed so may laws and regulations has made us all lawbreakers in our daily lives.  This must change. It must change now.  That is why our country is in such a funk.  No one will hire anyone unless they can make a profit (except non profits like SBC and NPR) so we are at impasse.  I say roll back regulations to 1970 levels, lay off half the non military federal employees and disband the EPA, Education and Commerce Departments and many others.  Stop subsidizing most non profits unless they are helping to create real things (no more eco grants) and get the rest of the government out of the way.  And, overhaul civil service and remove unions form public employee sectors.  These are a few things I would get on the front burner tomorrow if I were king.

Boehner's ideas are a good start, Obama's are crap.  Let start with the Speakers ideas, let's see a vote next week.

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