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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tax Revolt in Rhode Island!

The Internet is so great.  I was surfing the news and came across this article about a tax protest in Warwick, Rhode Island. HERE.  It is the same all over the country!  People are PO'd and not going to take it any more.

Read the comments and you will be reading the same comments as we see here in our local paper (well we used to) and in many other forums across California.  The politicians have spent every nook and cranny into deficit.  Every level of government is looking for more and more ways to get more and more money from the pockets of the citizens.  I have seen this before.  Prop 13 here in California was the beginning.  Then we recalled the bonehead Gray Davis (unfortunately electing another bonehead, Arnie, I voted for McClintock) and on and on. The New Englanders over the years have somehow turned into King George.  A mass hysteria into liberalism has overcome the once, common sense Yankees there and it has saddened many of us since we have held up their forefathers in such high esteem.

The protesters took over the council chambers and the Council was afraid to come up from their committee meetings in the basement and listen to the folks who were paying the bills.  The protesters had to apparently run a gauntlet of policemen in order to get into the chambers.  A flash mob town hall meeting.  Hmmm.  Well folks, the people of the country are hurting and they are simply at wits end trying to put food on the table and pay the mortgage.  The politicians are not paying attention and when Obama, the leader of the tax raisers, speaks, he simply blames George Bush and the Tea Party.  America is on edge, people are mad and they want to keep their own money and the want the government to leave them alone.  Rhode Island, who wooda thunk?


  1. I totally agree about future riots and such that would be caused by gigantic cuts to social safety nets. Today NPR reports he childhood poverty rate has skyrocketed in the last 10 years, and now right wing extremists want to make massive new cuts to programs already decimated? Good luck living in a peaceful Rick Perryish America! Damn children- gotta pull themselves by the ole bootstraps!

  2. Obama increased spending by 25% in two years (and it hasn't seemed to then) so I assume if the poverty rate is so bad it is his fault eh? No, it is the leftwing extremists who have destroyed the American family and drove the economy into the trash. You are simply 180 degrees off.

  3. The child poverty increase was measured 2000-2009 in the NPR report.

    GW Bush: 8 years as President during said time. During this time, the housing/financial bubble was inflated by (and for the benefit of) the rich, greedy, and the millions of hucksters, scam artists and unscrupulous finance mavens and developers, while the poverty rate ballooned on the poorest Americans. Nice.

  4. Childhood poverty data was from 2000-2009. Do believe there was guy named Dubya in the White House during said time. And what a guy he was-a dumb Texan who fostered and ignored the financial/housing bubble while simulaneously increasing the gap between rich and poor to historical levels. Yahoo for Texas!
    Perry/Bachman 2012! LOL.

  5. Sorry to inform you Chase but your numbers are hooey. The unemployment rate was 4.5% for many of the GWB years which in itself makes wherever you got those number a joke. It has been my experience watching liberals and their state run media that when a Reagan or a Bush was President, homelessness and child poverty were always up and when the democrat was President they were down. What a hoot!

  6. Todd, it might be a hoot to you, but facts are facts when Repubs are in the White House. The blame for childhood poverty cannot be strictly blamed on the current level of government funding (obviously), but clearly Repubs don't make it any type of priority to combat. You as a Christian should be appalled.

  7. Chase sincde the budget for the country has doubled in the last 20 years, how is it that childhood poverty in the USA has increased so dramatically? I think your sources are not trustworthy. Also, since the democrats controlled the Congress gor the last four and a half years how is it your guys have let the children starve so much?

  8. Riots yes, but the question is, who will suffer the highest casualties?

  9. Todd, the budget for childhood programs hasn't doubled. Far from it. States who get the matches have thus cut back as well. Blame the unsustainable spending on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ill-informed Medicare Part D debacle.

  10. Chase give me the links to the childhhood budgets and I will check it out.

  11. The spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is equal to one (yes ONE) year of the Obama deficit. Didn't you pay attention to causality in school Chase? Is it possible that we have imported poverty via unchecked illegal immigration. Do you not find it interesting that in the areas with the highest child poverty, liberals have been in control for generations? No? The centralization narrative coming from liberals lacks any credibility under even the slightest amount of dicipline using acceptable methodology. "Blame the Republicans" puts you in a closet as being incapable of any thought not spoon fed to you be a fraudulent media Chase.

    NPR has a skyscraper in DC. Maybe the good liberals can see to it to give it back to the tax payers so we can sell it and fund half a day of Obama deficit spending.


  12. Well, since only 5.8% of NPR funding comes from federal, state, and local taxes, perhaps they can just give back the steps?

    Why do you think you can get away with lies like this?

    Frisch 10.2

  13. Lies? I'm not the one with a culinary degree acting like a business consultant. lol.

    I think if you look at the amount of public funding over the years funnelled to NPR via all sorts of vehicles, you'll find that much more than the steps were paid for using tax dollars. ...But then again coming from a total parasite like you it is understandable how your intense bias allows you to obfuscate reality. I get it Steve.

    Woodsy (AKA your daddy)

  14. Amazing. If we have a problem with the number of poor children, why do we keep bringing more people into our country. Also a relative in Oregon told me that there were some problems concerning Muslim emigrants who have multible wives and many children seeking welfare. Muslims and the (off-shoot of the Morman) cult with their wives and children. Other countries have this problem also. It would be interesting to know the true statistics concerning this problem.

  15. Bonnie, and you actually believe this hooey about multiple wives....

    I don't know about anyone else, but having more than one wife would greatly escalate my chances of a stroke!


    Jo Mama 5.6
    Grass Valley

  16. Bonie I was watching some documentary the other day and there is a lifestyle in some areas of the country where young men try to impregnate as many young girls and women as possible. The new form of multiple wives I guess. And the women are all on welfare and other types of assistance.

  17. And Tea Party Americans are a serious threat to America as well...


    Arrogant fool 4.5

  18. Yes, the Tea Party "Americans" are a threat to our way of life in American. The angry old white guys are hell bent on destroying any semblence of diversity of thought or progressivity in government, replacing it with a rigid Evangelical/Anglo Protestant-based culture they are most comfortable with. Its all about Fear and Flag Wrapping, trying to find comfort in some imagined manifest destiny which has slipped away.

    It ain't 1800 anymore.

  19. How do I say this tactfully...

    Ummm, you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    In one paragraph you disply racism, self-loathing, intolerance, ignorance of factual reality and a special kind of adult-onset functional mental retardation.

    Turn off the state run media, open up your filter bubble and begin to get a clue Chase.

    ...or you can carry on being ignorant and wonder why it is that nothing makes much sense to you.


  20. Oh angry and humorless one, I've noticed you haven't made a single post directly related to a single topic on this blog. Not quite sure what your vitriolic personal attacks are all about. This is a forum of ideas. You act like the hundred million or so Americans of the progressive persuasion are some kind of enemy of American values. DIVERSITY of thought IS America.

    So, at what age exactly did those psychological issues start, ha Woodsy?

  21. You've noticed? What have you noticed?

    You're too biased and infantile to notice anything Chase.

    Have you noticed jobs leaving this state because of very poor regulatory policy and punitive tax rates?

    Have you noticed the 12.2% unemployment rate which is the 3rd highest in the nation?

    Have you noticed the 1 Billion annual spending on the fraudulent CARB program which kills jobs and yields nothing but unfunded pensions and benefit packages for disabled bureucrats? How about the recent 1.3 billion in federal spending on the ridiculous "Keep Tahoe Blue" campaign which has yielded nothing as well.

    Have you noticed that our state government has been dominated by progressives for generations?

    Have you noticed that most liberals are a few clicks from full-blown idiocy in terms of freedom to prosper and freedom from government hegemony?

    You've noticed? lmao. That's rich.

    You can either listen to what people are saying or you can keep embracing your dogma while foolishly relegating people that say things that go against your orthodoxy as angry or deranged.

    Lastly, I did undergrad work on Diversity In The Workplace (which is interconnected to "diversity" in a society comprised of culturally normative behavior ) so spare me the libtard version...I've done the work and the findings of my meta-analysis fly directly in the face of your dogma. Having you try to talk to me about diversity is like a baby telling his mommy how to change a diaper.


  22. Seriously Chase, you are causing me to measure how I respond to you. My sense of decency forces me to consider your condition and capacity. Even though I do not agree with your vision of reality you are still human and that trumps everything else so I truly care about you. I hope those that know you personally and care about you have also voiced concern. Please consider contemplating their suggestions.

  23. I heard Frisch on KNCO this morning. The guy sounds like a true blue moron. How in the hell does a chef think he knows ANYTHING about economics and what "needs to be done" in our community.

    What needs to be done is for Frisch (and others like him) to shut their mouths, mind their own business and get the hell out of everybody's endeavors.

    ...Unless of course he would like to make me a cobb salad or something.


  24. Reading Frisch comments makes me tired. He thinks he knows evrything about everthing. He is self important and I have met a lot of his ilk over the years. Sad to say they don't have many friends. Woodsy, if he could make a decent Cobb salad he might still have a real job. LOL.

  25. The jealousy and envy of Steven Frisch amazes me beyond belief.

    As if an angry yocal like Woodsy has better credentials...LOL.

  26. Chase, I do have better credentials. I have degrees in Organizational Management and leadership with coursework in Economics, Scientific Management, Virtual Organizations and Decision Making Matrices. Furthermore, I am on the board of a 12 million dollar company on the marketing and finance committees. Frisch would be thrown out of our board room on his ass.

    But my credentials are not the issue, I don't run around telling people what to do with my unqualified mouth.

    Frisch is a trained CHEF. lmao. The idea that he has even the slightest clue about the things he tries to postulate about is so laughable it makes my head hurt.

    He should mind his own business and stop being the fraud that he is.


  27. Yes let's all listen to Woodsy.... Isn't the same guy who embarrassed himself on so many postings in the Union?

    For someone who doesn't even live in this state and shows so little knowledge of local happenings I think you should post in Colorado about bike stuff and at least Frish is a trained Chef. You trained in anything other than BS'ing?

    David Wynn

  28. Davis I know him personally and he is all he says he is. He lives here, is very smart and he has many degrees. I don't think I'd believe the cook anyway.

  29. Well lets see boys, I guess my BA means nothing, my life experience means nothing, my years of reading and continuing education means nothing, my work in the private sector for more than 20 years means nothing, my management of hundreds of employees means nothing, my management of millions of dollars of corporate assets in positions of responsibility means nothing, my willingness to put my own capital at risk in the private sector means nothing, my service on both public and private boards means nothing, my work connecting Sierra Nevada economic strategies to statewide efforts means nothing, my advocacy for governance and budget reform through the legislative process mens nothing.

    I bow to the superior credentials of the spandex wearing bike racer from Boulder, who revels in demeaning a working man for his chosen profession, who is too much of a coward to use his real name or allow his achievements to be held up to public inspection on an annual basis.

    Clearly the anonymous Woodsey must be a superior intellect.

    I wonder what part of what I said on KNCO, that jobs must be the number one priority of the Brown administration, the sages of spandex disagree with?

    Frisch 1.0

  30. By the way Woodsey, perhaps you might want to check again on what portion of NPR funding comes from the federal government. Just in the interest of know.... private sector corporate type due diligence ...or even pride driven intellectually curiosity, before you spout out utter nonsense making yourself look simultaneously ill informed and biased.

    Frisch 1.1

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. David Wynn's two posts were deleted because he is a roll who does not attempt to discuss the topic just personal insults. Too bad so sad for another leftwingnut troll.

  34. you mean "Troll" not "roll".....

    I guess that shows you who the TPP subscribes to, and who they should have as their spokes person?

    As Forrest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does"

    G. Smith

  35. No he is a sushi roll. LOL. SteveF, why do you use so many sock puppets?

  36. Frisch your BA doesn't mean anything because you don't use it. You want to be everything you're not. What you said on KNCO was pure BS delivered from a man trapped in a paradigm. "The new economy" ?? WHAT "NEW" F-ING economy? The one you fantasize about that DOESN'T exist??...damn your an idiot Steve.

    The real "new economy" should include cutting the funds of all busy-body fruitcakes that serve NO PURPOSE but to pretend to matter.

    How about you mind your own business. How about you let the educators decide curriculum. How about letting scientists discuss climate. How about letting MBAs and COMM scholars do the business consulting. can cater it.

  37. Please post your name or I will have o delete next time. Thanks.

  38. Hey Woodsey....use your know your real name.

    By they way, its nice to see what you really think of an egalitarian system in America....your post is a prime example of elitism in the insane right wing community. When running for office or President you want your leaders to be 'of the people' know 'real Americans'; when you get push back from a 'real American' you run to intellectual and professional elitism to support your point.

    I don't see you blasting dirt mover for his profession. Is he unqualified...what about a building contractor, what makes them qualified, or a surveyor, or a cartoonist, or a couple of retired aerospace project managers who raked in the bucks from the military-industrial complex, or housewives from Wassila, or a bike racer, for that matter?

    Do you know what the biggest problem with your posts is; they are boring. They never add a new idea, or concept, or original thought.

    Lets hear about your qualifications spandex boy.

    By the way, you did not answer the question....what is it about what I said that is wrong? Do you disagree that job creation should be the Governor's number one focus now that the budget is signed?

    Frisch 1.2

  39. Frisch, the master obfuscator.

    I did answer your question but you either can't read very well or you chose to ignore what I wrote.

    Here's a recap: I said that your sound bite on KNCO was that of a clueless man trapped in an obsolete paradigm while talking about a "new economy" that doesn't exist.

    Bumper sticker economics might work with your colleagues but my colleagues would laugh at you, then call you out for not knowing what you're talking about, then throw you out of the room and tell security to make sure you leave quietly.

    I agree that jobs should be priority number one; the problem is that folks like you continue to engage in discussions based on paradigms that are failures.

    CA is a failure, progressives have been in control of the legislature. Thus, progressive legislative efforts are a failure. I think the casual relation is fairly stable at this point.

    Are you ready to support the deconstruction of the last 30 years of regulatory law that only props up state bureaucracies? Are you ready to roll back EIR bureaucracies which inhibit growth, slow processes down and render many endeavors cost prohibitive? Are you ready to do what is necessary to stop whole companies from bailing California? Do you know ANYTHING about Economics? Science? Social Studies? Finance? No Steve you don't...I heard it with my own ears.

    Are you ready to mind your own business and worry about your own family and stop attempting to fraudulently provide consultations about things you demonstrably barely understand?

    Mind your own business, create some private sector jobs, and vote for people that love freedom more than security and you'll gain a little respect from me. Until then I see you as an unqualified useful idiot of the failing progressive movement.


  40. Well Woodsey, lets review:

    1) No one knows who your "colleagues" are because you are anonymous, so we have no way to judge

    2) My colleagues are the REAL Coalition led by California Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Agencies, the Think Long Committee, led by some of the top business people in the state, and the California Stewardship Network, consisting of 13 regional economic development efforts, plus the more than 700 businesses that are members of the Sierra Business Council

    3) I offer a solution, and am willing to go out there and talk about it, raise money to implement it, train workers to participate in it, attract investors to it, and work with people with differing opinions about how we can get the economy moving to test the approaches and adapt them if necessary

    4) You state that 'progressives' have been in control of the legislature, yet most economic policy is primarily an executive function, and Republicans have been in control of the Governorship for the majority of the last 2 decades--if they wanted to work on economic development they could have, but instead they passed.

    5) I have put out very specific statements that not only would I support regulatory reform, I have floated specific ideas and regulations I see that could be changed, support sunsetting agencies, boards, commissions, and laws based on strict performance metrics and regular review, and worked to educate legislators and support legislation to achieve that regulatory reform

    6) I have stated specifically that I support CEQA reform, including reducing requirements for certain types of development, fast tracking job creating projects, including economic analysis in decision-making processes and giving local governments more authority over decisions

    7) I have supported corporate tax reform in California, to close loopholes and use the proceeds to reduce corporate tax rates, even though they are not the highest in the nation they are 16th according to many studies, and I support tax credits to corporations that use cash reserves to invest in equipment, new manufacturing processes, and hiring, as a job creation stimulus

    8) I do not have a degree in economics, so I use the resources available to me, including some of the best economic minds in California from both sides of your intentionally combative ideological divide, to inform my processes and help set SBC's policy ideas, --and I read economics voraciously--what is the last scholarly economics text?

    9) I am not ready to 'mind my own business' because the state and the nation is my business, I am an American, and an engaged citizen, and involvement in my government and its policy is not only my right, it is my duty as a patriot.

    10) and finally, I have created more private sector jobs in my career than you can shake an anonymous stick at, I have job training and placement work going on right now, I have partnered with private industry to expand skills for 'new economy' jobs, and leveraged private sector investment to do so--what are you doing?

    I think you are a complete, utter, angry, anti-intellectual, ill informed arrogant fool.

    You want to come out from behind the curtain--I will debate economics with you any day of the week, in public and with sources cited, you just name the place and time spandex boy.

    Steve Frisch

  41. Just thought I would move this one up on the "recent comments" thread to illustrate what a complete moron Woodsey is once again!


  42. I know him and he is definitely more highly educated than you. But, you try.

  43. No Todd, Woodsy is an angry, delusional soul who's living a comforting fantasy by critizing real leaders and collaborators in Nevada County. Mr. Frisch is attuned with the future, and is a respected dynamo for action. Mr. Woodsy is tuned into a of of a long-gone America that never really was. He's no leader of anything. We don't believe any of the tripe he spouts about his friends and his credentials.

    Just a whiner. Whiner Woodsy.


  44. Rob/Steve, I know him personally nd Frisch is not up to par with Woodsy. His education is much greater and he is not a cut/paste maniac like the liberals. You are simply uninformed so I will give you a break since you only started using Rob a week ago.

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. I think the point I am making Todd is that it is irrelevant who is more highly educated. I know many people much more highly educated than I am, and I respect their education, and try to use it to inform my views and advance positive change. I also know many people less educated than I am whose experience and knowledge is exponentially more valuable than mine. I am not vain enough to think that I know better than anyone else. I base my ideas and decisions on life-long learning and a quest for the best possible information.

    Woodsey resorts to insults, including insulting me for having been a chef, restaurant owner, corporate executive, and investor, in a past life. Ironically this is the very same experience he would value in anyone else. He does so because he is angry, and insecure in his beliefs. It is very clear that he is simply intent on insult, and has no stomach for doing the hard work necessary to make the change he seeks.

    For you to support that point of view, and his intellectual elitism, reminds all 3 of your readers, that you will stoop to any low to attack and demean your fellow residents. The only thing they need to o to attract your venom is disagree with you, and the more informed and reasoned the disagreement, the more toxic the venom.

    Sad really, to think that you once held a position of authority in our county.

    Frisch signing you off

  47. Nice move removing my signed post Mr. Juvinall. I see anonymity is your standard.

    Steve Frisch

  48. Your comment went to the spam folder, I have no idea why, but maybe the computer knows your screeds are usually spam. Amazing. So, Woodsy calls you on your rent seeking lifestyle and you whine and complain about it. You are the perfect foil for liberal thought because you are a do as I say not as I do commenter. You attack and name call all the time but when you get someone calling you on it you react as usual, you cry and then threaten to take your ball home. Like that is some form of punishment to any critic. You then try to convince us you are humble in this last post yet we have read your hubris for quite a while now. Woodsy is in the private sector and he is much more educated than you. The difference here is you think your clever name calling is protecting you from criticism. Woodsy is not as clever because he is truly a humble fellow. At the end of your post you then attack my stint as an elected person here in the county. I could care less SteveF. I have been attacked by people much more clever and smarter than you. My service to the community resulted in positive things, yours as a leech on the taxpayers gains the people nothing. Big difference.,

  49. Todd,
    Please let us know how the Wildwood Ridge fiasco was a POSITIVE? Remember that little thing during your tenure?

    PS. Steve, keep on keeping on. I love it.

  50. Well when I was A Supervisor we supported the Mello-Roos bonds to allow the infrastructure to be built, They are bonds guaranteed by the land and the homeowners thru a monthly payment. This bond was a well used one all over California and we were assured bu legal coumsel the county treasury was not at risk at all. Well, the contractor boogied and stole his investors money but not one drop on taxpayers money (he may still be in the hoosegow). The debt was created to the county by the property taxes not being paid. So, the next BOS somehow got suckered into becoming on the hook for the debt and it became a mess. I left the BOS when all was well. You would have to ask the subsequent BOS members why they did what they did. This is all in the public record by the way. (even Jeff Ackermann lives there) Then over the years the place was built out and all the little houses are paying their property taxes which I am sure have replenished any negative outgo. The county will be getting that money for a long time. If you want to see what that amount is, I would suggest you travel to the Assessor's office and add it all up.

    So, you folks think there was some bad decision making or something because you seem to bring that place up. Since you know it, you either got it from Enos or Pelline, or you are as I suspect, a sock puppet of on of them. BTW, Laurie Oberholtzer did a glowing EIR for the project.

    Since you seem to be a friend of Frisch as well, then you are in my view a bad judge of character.


Real name thank you.