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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gerrymandering in a new form?

The California Citizen's Redistricting Commission has voted 13-1 to accept the maps redrawing the Assembly, State Senate, Congressional and Board of Equalization districts and it appears they may be no different than if we allowed the democrat dominated state legislature to draw them.

The whole point of the initiatives passed by a majority of the California voters which created the Committee was to bring balance and fairness into the political system of governance.  At the very least we believed the districts would reflect the proportionate breakdown of the political party's.  It appears to be making things less fair and the democrat hegemony of California will be even stronger.  The one dissenter in the  vote, Committee member Ward, makes his minority statement at the press conference held yesterday.  You can watch the full 28 minutes or you can see and hear Ward's comments from minute four to minute 12.

He has made it clear he says the process was hijacked by the democrats and that some members were even having secret meetings to get input and advice from partisans.  We will see, but don't hold your breath.  I personally cannot understand how if fairness was used that the democrats could pick up any more seats than they have today.  The already have a weighted advantage of about 20% over their voter registration.  Then we have the redo of the Congressional Districts along the Sierra's which is simply fascinating to me.  I attended the hearing on May 19, 2011 in Auburn and along with most all of the testimony asked that our districts be left alone.  The Commission apparently did not listen at all and has really upset the applecart of the North and East of California!

So much for citizen's input which we thought we would surely have and be listened to and acted upon.  It will be simply proven one way or the other when the next elections occur.  I listened to the Chairman, Barabba state that we really won't know how they did until two or three elections take place!  Wow, then we get to do this all again in 2021 after what I see as a democrat mass victory every time! I had high hopes for fairness but somehow the left's partisan tentacles enveloped and hijacked the Commission and we Californians will be subject once again to being "subjects" of the liberals. 


  1. You guys can whine all you want, but trying to carve out a few extra Republican districts in a massively BLUE state cannot be done, even by a team of right wing magicians.

    CA, it is what it is. Deal.

  2. Sorry Todd... WRONG again.

    I always use my name here when I post... as the posting rules require.

  3. Massively BLUE state, massive unemployment, massive numbers of CA companies leaving for other states, massive unfunded liabilities and debt, massive use of food stamps, massive unlawful illegal immigration. Is this a record the massive majority in the state house is proud of?

    I think it is time for a new direction. CA Democrats have demonstrably failed.


  4. I heard today that 8 Fortune 500 companies boogied out and went to Texas.

  5. Dr. Ward's disgust was very apparent, and I believe he was sincere. I feel sorry for all the good, honest people who are being hurt by the corruption in our government.

  6. California is a mess yet it seems the politicians in Sacramento don't really care much. They keep pumping out more laws and Jerry keeps signing them. Try to register a car you own from another state. That endeavor alone will convince you what our state really cares about. Money and regulation. My sis just went through this.

  7. Your sister left? Maybe you should join her and shoot your mouth off in the Lone Star State?

    It's really too bad that your too stupid to realize that Texas has the lowest employment cost in the country, which for you means that they don't pay their workers anything as they have plenty of Mexicans they can hire at $5.00 per hour.

    Maybe you could build houses there and actually pay your bills?

    D. Smith

  8. SteveF why are yu using sock puppets so much. You are just a little willy stalker. Go chase the sister you fled.

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  10. Troll attack by another sock puppet. Bye Bye.

  11. Ignorance, bigotry, didn't read the proposition correctly, misleading ads by churches. I think that covers everything.


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