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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is RL Crabb a knuclehead?

RL does the cartoons for the Union Newspaper  and as I have read his posts here and other places in the blogosphere, he does his best to be contrary to the two major philosophies of our country.  He is truly a equal opportunity basher.  I have my differences with him but for the most part, I applaud his talent for drawing cartoons (I can draw floorplans but not figures) and putting some funny captions in them.  I know he hates it when he receives a compliment about his work, especially from conservatives, but he deserves one once in a while.

He never gets a compliment from the left though.  He is usually slammed for being a paid cartoonist employed by our local paper (he is old and needs to make a living too!).  The best example of a complainer from the left is local leftwingnut blogger Jeff Pelline.  Himself a ex employee of the Union and as self important a person I have seen in our little county.  As a recent arrival to Nevada County, Pelline has done his best to PO most of the locals.  At least I just seem to PO the liberals, Pelline PO's everyone.  Crabb sometimes makes fun of conservatives and sometimes liberals.  His latest cartoon on tinfoil hats was almost neutral except for a little balloon stating "I love Rush".  That kind of gave the bent of the cartoon away.

But hey, we have to laugh once in a while and I sure enjoy laughing more than moping or being depressed.  Cartoons have always made me laugh (except during the raucous sixties) and I try to have an open mind for the intent of the cartoonist.  We now have cartoonists who do their work on the liberals.  That is quite a change from us hardly ever seeing a critical cartoon or parody of the senseless acts of dopey lefty's.  So let us have more cartoons, a form of free speech, rather than less.  I have come to grips long ago to personal attacks and after the local left did a play about me when I was younger, (a comedic play mocking my stand against government regulations), I usually just laugh.  Crabb will undoubtedly get a ration of crap because I said something good, but that is the risk you take in a free speech world.  Nothing personal. Oh, and I don't think he is a knucklehead.


  1. Todd: JEff Pelline's meltdown yesterday confirms what most of this community has known for a while now. Even his readers think that he is vindictive and has a big "Union" chip on his shoulder. As much as Jeff likes to say it, this town is not changing. We eho live here like it the way it is why we are here. "Big city" Jeff wants us to become like him...ain't happenin'. Even is little read blog and his few commenters agree with the assessment. To move here and tell everyone they are "podunk" shows that he is completely out of touch with Nevada County. The scribblings on his blog are more about what he wants here and not what is actually here.

  2. Excellent analysis. It is correct.

  3. Crabb may have a new market for his talent if NevadaCountyNow opens shop in town. This is a new online news outlet. The URL has been bought by some ex-Swift Staffers. They have a presence in Carson City and South Lake Tahoe. No idea when the URL will become active. Stay Tuned.

  4. As Sargent Schultz says, "very interesting"!

  5. RL Crabb is very fair and has always found plenty to skewer on both sides of the fence. I respect that, and I respect the fact he is or was a registered Republican.

  6. Someone is touting the benefits of being podunk? Ah, OHKAY.



  7. Todd,
    You're welcome! Thanks for blogging..


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