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Monday, July 11, 2011

49th Parallel, 1941, What a Great Speech Against Fascists

I love old movies and I have to admit I can't help myself when one I like comes on TCM or AMC.  The other night the 1941 film 49th Parallel was playing and I watched it again.  The story line was the trek of escaped Nazi's across Canada from Hudson's Bay.  Their U-Boat sunk and these Nazi's were trying to get to America and internment since America was not yet in the war.

The clip from Youtube is of the Nazi rant and then what I think is a still true today response from a transplanted German religious man to the Nazi scums rant.  It is his view of why people came to this continent and it is a truly inspiring speech.  It starts at about 2:50 in from the beginning if you don't want to listen to the slimeball Nazi.  I suggest you watch the whole movie because there are really so many great parts about good and evil and the scourge of the Nazi's, or today's liberals/socialists/eco-communists.  Leslie Howard has some great words too.

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