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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Islamo-Fascists attack in Nigeria

There is a terrorist group in Nigeria and they are Muslims.  They are attacking targets in the northeast province of Borno and its Capitol, Maiduguri.  The terrorist's kill and bomb their fellow citizens just as the Muslim extremists do all over the planet.  Civilians are fair game and in Maiduguri they are fleeing town by the thousands.  Boko Haram is the terror group and unfortunately the Nigerian national army has responded poorly.  They are suspecting everyone, sometimes shooting first and asking questions later.  That is what these terrorists want. Boko Haram,  "which opposes Western education and fights for Islamic rule" will kill until they get their way. HERE is the BBC article.

If anyone has any doubts about the goals of these people, I suggest you read the Koran, their "Holy" book.  It is one of conquest and violence and its Prophet was a warrior.  The domination of the planet and the conversion of all people to their religion is their goal.  Sub Saharan Africa is generally an animist part of the African continent.  The intrusion of the Muslim's into this area is creating the same problem we all have seen in the Sudan.  Sudan and its Christian and animist region Darfur, were attacked relentlessly by their Muslim overlords from the north of the country.  It has now been in the process of partition and the creation of a country made from the Darfur region.  Millions died in the Sudanese Muslim attempts to force their religion on others.

So now we have the Muslims moving south and using violence and terror to achieve their goals.  Nigeria had a terrible civil war back in the 70's in a breakaway area called Biafra.  It is said one to three million people died in the conflict.  Nigeria has great oil reserves and the largest population in Africa.  It is estimated their oil reserves will last  for about 43 years and many people there want to prepare for the inevitable drying up of their revenues.  Perhaps the oil reserves are a big draw for the terrorists as well.

Nigeria has been a country on the rise but with terrorists running rampant and the military being stupid in responding to their attacks, Nigeria could fall back into a backwater country again.  Let us hope they don't.

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