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Monday, June 6, 2011

Wiener admits it all

The randy chap has admitted it all as I am watching his press conference.  He stated he would not resign.  He is satisfied he has apologized and that is enough.  All the denials and the claims the messenger, Andrew Briebart, made this up and hacked him are now shown to be a total contrived lie.  But this liberal putz is so arrogant he thinks he has no problem with his constituents.  And he may be right.

The liberal hypocrites have a sexual problem and like Elliot Spitzer, CNN will probably give him his own show if he did quit.  I try not to judge others and their private lives are their own, but when they are in the service of the people they owe a bigger duty.

Wiener is just another liar from the left who complained on the floor of the House this year that Glenn Beck was a huckster for a company selling gold on his program.  He called Beck a hypocrite and a grifter.  Beck never sold the gold company on his program himself.  That is the kind of crap these liberals spew.  Wiener also chewed out in a tirade on the House floor, Republicans for not supporting Obamacare.  He called them hypocrites.  Well, Anthony Wiener, you should get out of the House and off the pubic dole.  As a staffer for Chuck Schumer and the Congressman who filled the House seat Schumer gave up for the US Senate, you are simply a twit.  Resign and go home.


  1. Typical right-wing bashfest, complete with sandbox name-calling... "twit, putz..."

    Unlike the liars on the right who will never publicly admit their mistakes or lies, this guy had the stones to step up and tell everyone "I did it, and I lied about it."

    He shouldn't be commended for that, but he shouldn't be attacked and dragged into the sandbox either.

  2. No Brad, when Mike Lee got caught he resigned within hours. Your boy is a putz and a liar and needs to resign. Of course, if you enjoy his arrogance have some more.

  3. You mean Chris Lee?

    The point is that if the constituents are as outraged as you are by this "putz" they should demand his resignation, and I'm sure he would comply.
    But his (no Mr. Lee's, for that matter) after hours hobbies have no bearing whatsoever on his ability to serve his constituents. I could see your point if it was revealed they were luring underage girls, or something like that (clearly over the line). But that's not what happened here. A bare chest, and a covered penis. Oh the Horror!!!
    As for Lee's situation, it appears what he did isn't even as bad as Wiener's, but I frankly don't think either one of them should have felt compelled to resign. Based on what we know anyway.

  4. He needs to step down.

  5. No, I like a elected leader with some decent values and not when married sending sexual crap to young women or girls half his age. He made it a national story by lying and blaming others. If you can't see that then you are certainly ready to settle for any putz.

  6. I'm just glad he wasn't like Mark Foley sending his male pages messages saying "do I turn you on, or you can stay at my house this weekend if you give me a ---- job".

    I wouldn't sit there and sing about the virtues of either party as they all have their scumbags hidden in the closet.

    Rick Jackson
    Browns Valley, CA

  7. Foley was scummy and we asked him to resign and he did. Wiener is an arrogant putz an will not resign. You should read some of his posts to these women. Check out Drudge. The guy should be the doorman at Mustang Ranch, not a Congressman.


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